Meet The Adorable Pets Of Each MAMAMOO Member

So many fur babies!

MAMAMOO loves their babies — Fur babies, that is! Check out their seriously adorable pets below.

1. Wheein — Ggomo

Ggomo is Wheein’s Scottish Fold cat.

Once referring to Ggomo as her “boyfriend,” Wheein loves him with all her heart!

2. Moonbyul — Daebak, Haengwoon & Kongang.

Moonbyul’s has three Pembroke Welsh Corgis named Daebak, Haengwoon, and Kongang.

Moonbyul is certainly living in a corgi lover’s heaven!

3. Solar — Jjing jjing

The late Jjing jjing was Solar’s loveable miniature salt and pepper schnauzer.

The black markings extending from her nose to his eyes gave her a unique mask-like look.

She will always be remembered for the happiness she brought Solar!

4. Hwasa — Lion

Although Hwasa doesn’t have any real pets, that doesn’t stop her from loving her stuffed animal Lion!