These Are The Top 20 Sexiest Outfits MAMAMOO Wore In 2018

2018 was their hottest year yet.

From Hwasa‘s latex body suit to Solar‘s gold, pole dancing glam, these are the top 20 sexiest outfits MAMAMOO wore in 2018!


1. Hwasa’s red latex bodysuit (2018 MAMA)


2. Solar’s gold pole dancing outfit (2018 MAMA)


3. Moonbyul’s white, sleeveless top and matching pants


4. Wheein’s colorful summer getup


5. Hwasa’s red corset and shorts


6. Wheein’s white top and denim


7. Solar’s open-backed suit


8. Hwasa’s printed, plastic top


9. Hwasa’s spaghetti strapped tank and shorts


10. Wheein’s scarlet, military uniform


11. Moonbyul’s patterned top and solid black bottoms


12. Solar’s lacey pole dancing outfit


13. Solar’s retro bodysuit, blue jacket, and fishnets


14. Hwasa’s nude top and ripped denim shorts


15. Moonbyul’s leather punk outfit


16. Moonbyul’s black-on-black stage outfit


17. Solar’s long-sleeved, white top and garters


18. Moonbyul’s ruffles


19. Solar’s gem-studded fishnets and Chanel jacket


20. Solar’s leather jackets and thigh high boots