Here Are 20 Stunning Fan-Taken Pictures Of MAMAMOO’s Solar That Are Art Museum Quality

#7 should be a magazine cover.

MAMAMOO Solar‘s incredible performances are a sight to behold. Even if you can’t see her in person, you can admire the incredible photography of fans who beautifully capture her best moments. Check out these 20 pictures that you won’t believe aren’t professional!

1. Solar’s pole dancing skills alone qualify as art.

2. Say hello to a perfectly-timed, majestic hair flip.

3. Solar showcases her flawless mix of sexy and quirky charms.

4. She tears up the stage like no other.

5. There’s nothing cooler than Solar’s powerful drum performance — besides the way the drops of water splatter everywhere. That’s pretty cool, too.

6. The beautiful lights in the background make this picture even more gorgeous.

7. The moody colors in these pictures create a vibe that feels more like a piece of art than a photograph.

8. Her ferocity and confidence show in this stunning picture.

9. The feathered fans around her create a beautiful contrast and interesting texture.


10. If the vibrant colors don’t catch your interest, the members’ funky nail art will!

11. Here’s an oldie but a goodie.

12. This could very well be a picture of Queen Solar delivering a speech as the sunlight cascades down onto her…or maybe she’s just performing.

13. There’s something hypnotically beautiful about the floor disappearing under the fog as if she’s floating on a cloud.

14. Art? Art.

15. It seems as if all of MAMAMOO’s members are in a snowglobe of confetti.

16. Solar and Hwasa’s opposite poses and hair colors make them resemble yin and yang.

17. From her bold makeup to her glamorous jewellery, what’s not to love?

18. Surprisingly, this is not a photo shoot and was actually taken mid-performance.

19. Her glorious abs definitely belong in a museum.

20. She’s a master of charisma in a sexy suit.