10 Times MAMAMOO’s Solar Wowed Fans In The Most Iconic Stage Outfits

Outfit #2 is totally badass.

MAMAMOO’s Solar constantly impresses fans with her stunning stage looks. From suits to lingerie, she’s done it all. Check out these 10 outfits of hers that will remind you how much of a charismatic queen she really is.

1. Intergalactic Cutie

Her space buns, purple lipstick, and thigh-high boots gave her an instant increase in sass — and we loved every minute of it.

2. The Iconic “Spit It Out” Look

Seriously, who knew purple latex pants and gloves with long fake nails attached on the fingertips would be so legendary?!

3. Edgy Princess

Something about the combination of Solar’s flowing blonde locks, ruffled dress, and epic boots makes her look totally badass.

4. Denim-on-Denim

If this cool yet sexy outfit doesn’t make you wish she was the female lead in an action movie, nothing will.

5. Strappy LBD

Solar showed off her stunning figure in this simple yet flattering dress.

6. Tough and Fashionable

Nothing will ever be cooler than a graphic tee, thigh-highs, and a leather jacket.

7. Chic Suit

The fun color of this suit gives it a girly twist and keeps it from being too predictable.

8. Rainbow Barrettes

Don’t panic if you have the sudden urge to buy a pack of colorful hair clips and wear your fave sparkly boots.

9. Kawaii Queen

This matching set became a hot topic among netizens the moment she revealed it.

10. Angelic Lace

Solar oozed confidence in this all-white look.