9 Gorgeous Stage Outfits MAMAMOO’s Solar Slayed

She looks good in anything she wears!

MAMAMOO‘s Solar has worn many gorgeous outfits whether it may be on stage or at the airport or in her YouTube videos and maybe even in the photos she shares with fans, but especially when she performs on stage!

Here are 9 gorgeous stage outfits MAMAMOO’s Solar rocked!

1. Sporty chic

Solar transforms into a  sporty gal in this all red outfit! She rocks them all from red sports bra to the red bottoms, and as well as the red jacket.

2. Plaid is the way to go

She looks gorgeous in this plaid printed jumpsuit with giant hair clips on her hair! Her jump suit has a flattering cut just at her waist perfectly showing Solar’s curves.

3. Sparkly jacket

Solar looks like a rock star in this outfit! She is wearing a black top and a black sparkly coat to add more life to her outfit. She paired it with a simple and classic denim bottoms.

4. Angelic

An angel is what Solar looks like in this all white outfit that makes her glow! She is wearing a white tube top paired with white loose bottoms and wore a thin white cardigan over herself.

5. Half and half

Perhaps one of the stage outfits that stood out during the 2019 MAMA was Solar’s half and half look! From head to toe she is divided into neon green and black and she definitely slayed this look!

6. Classic blue

Solar is shining in this blue ensemble! She is wearing pieces of different shades of blue and looks gorgeous!

7. Sleek

Solar looks sleek and classy in her black off-shoulder top paired with her black bottoms!

8. Action star

Solar looks like an action star in this all black and denim look!

9. Match It

Solar is wearing a matching top and bottom with a classy print making her look elegant on stage!