Here Are The Top 5 Craziest And Potentially Dangerous Things MAMAMOO’s Solar Has Done For YouTube

If she did #2, there’s nothing she won’t try!

MAMAMOO’s Solar will do just about anything to give the viewers of her YouTube channel some unique and shocking content. Check out her 5 craziest video concepts that will make you wonder why you didn’t subscribe sooner!

1. Living on a deserted island

Solar decided to fend for herself when living on a deserted island.

She encountered a plethora of hardships, including detrimental weather that came during the night. It wasn’t long before she was begging to go home.

Literally, begging.

Only Solar would risk her life for content!

2. Taking the biggest leap and skydiving

Solar catalogued her entire experience skydiving. From her preflight nervousness and pacing…

…to her resistance to jump out of the plane when the time came, she didn’t withhold any emotions from fans!

The actual jump itself? A success — despite questionably missing most of it by closing her eyes!

She definitely gets credit for not chickening out!

3. Some seriously advanced pole dancing

Pole dancing combines dance and acrobatics and takes some serious strength to perform.

Solar’s attempts at some advanced moves are as artistic as they are impressive!

With some moves, however, there’s great risk involved if you’re not adequately trained. Good thing Solar got skills!

She’s definitely fitness inspiration.

4. Extreme Dieting

Solar decided to eat a very limited diet for three days that shouldn’t be performed for longer than that amount of time.

Eating under 1000 calories a day, she mainly consumed fruits, sweet potato, and chicken breast, among some other low-calorie foods.

In the end, she lost almost 4 pounds of water weight.

This method of weight loss is not recommended for long term usage.

5. Filmed her surgery

Solar got her wisdom teeth removed and didn’t leave any part of the experience to fans’ imagination.

She had fellow MAMAMOO member Moonbyul record the whole thing!

Every swollen, painful moment is forever saved on her YouTube channel.