MAMAMOO Wheein’s Hair Color Evolution From Debut Until Now Is Iconic

Each and every color looks amazing on her!

MAMAMOO‘s Wheein is a top-tier vocal and visual queen, and ever since her debut, has sported a wide range of hair colors that she absolutely pulls off with ease! Here is Wheein’s hair color evolution over the years, and her visuals in each color she tries on is beautiful!

1.”Mr Ambiguous”


2. “Piano Man”

3. “Ahh Oop!”


4. “Um Oh Ah Yeah”


5. “You’re The Best”


6. ”Décalcomanie”


7. “Yes I Am”


8. “Starry Night”


9. “Egotistic”


10. “Wind Flower”


11. “gogobebe”


12. “Hip”