Mark Your Calendar: Here Are 5+ New Upcoming K-Dramas To Steal Your Heart

Watch first. Thank us later!

With It’s Okay To Not Be Okay coming to a wholesome happy ending, K-Drama fans are finding themselves caught up in that inevitable post drama depression. No worries though — the wondrous world of K-Drama continues to produce at full speed. Here’s the next line-up of premieres between mid-August to mid-September that are bound to catch your eyes. Watch first. Thank us later! 😉

1. Stranger 2

Stranger 2, a highly anticipated sequel to Stranger featuring actor Cho Seung Woo and actress Bae Doo Na, is scheduled to premiere August 15, 2020. Will the prosecution prevail to be the lawful, righteous group they say they are? Or will the police finally be able to uncover some dirty truth? Watch the premiere to find out.

2. When I Was The Most Beautiful

When I Was The Most Beautiful, set to premiere August 19, 2020, is going to be one heartthrob love story — featuring actors Ji Soo, Ha Seok Jin, and actress Im Soo Hyang. Can one woman and two brothers find happiness… or will they fall apart in the face of some ill-fated romance? Only the episodes will tell.

3. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol has K-Drama fans feeling all bubbly and giggly — as the teasers reveal it to be the perfect summer romantic comedy! Featuring rising rookie Lee Jae Wook and seasoned actress Go A Ra, this series will show how love can spark from the most unexpected places. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is set to premiere August 26, 2020.

4. Do You Like Brahms?

Like the title suggests, Do You Like Brahms? is a “musical” romance built around classic music. Featuring actor Kim Min Jae and actress Park Eun Bin, this series will show young musicians following their hearts, chasing their dreams, and confronting everything that comes in between. Do You Like Brahms? will air August 31, 2020.

5. More Than Friends

More Than Friends has both K-Drama and K-Pop fans looking forward to its premiere in September 2020 — as it features the successful idol-turned-actor Ong Seong Wu and the rising star actress Shin Ye Eun. Will their decade-long crush on each other finally turn into something substantial? Don’t miss out on this dream-come-true tale.

6. Record Of Youth

One of the most anticipated K-Dramas of 2020, featuring actor Park Bo Gum and actress Park So DamRecord Of Youth has a set premiere date of September 7, 2020. By the K-Drama wizards who produced hits like When The Camellia Blooms and Fight For My Way, this series will “record” the endeavors of an aspiring actor and a make-up artist.

7. Personal Life

Finally, with a premiere date of September 16, 2020, Personal Life will bring another successful idol-turned-actress Seohyun of Girls’ Generation to screen — with actor Go Kyung Pyo as co-star. Already gaining a lot of attention for the two leads’ chemistry, Personal Life will uncover the most personal lives of the most cunning scam artists!