“I Can Get Married, I Just Don’t Want To” — Here Are 6 Stars Who Are Happy With Their Singlehood

Many of them just don’t believe in marriage.

After you hit a certain age, marriage is the only thing on people’s minds and it seems that it’s no different for our favorite stars. Here are 6 stars who publicly professed that they are happy in their single-hood and don’t feel the need to get married.

1. Jaejae

First up on our list is entertainer, Jaejae. Just a month ago, the entertainer revealed on KBS2‘s Problem Child in the House her thoughts on marriage. “I’ve never thought about marriage.” She further shared her refreshing take on the topic during her time on the show. “Marriage is a choice given to us by society’s domain.” It was after she shared her opinions that Jaejae told a hilarious story. She reminisced about a time when she wanted to get her wedding gift returned and revealed that she thought about different ways to get it back before giving up on it.

2. Yeonwoo

Next up, we have former Momoland member, Yeonwoo. The former girl group member previously made a guest appearance on JTBC‘s Knowing Bros and it was during her time on the show that she revealed her opinions on marriage. It was when Super Junior member, Kim Heechul mentioned Yeonwoo and her future children that she shared her beliefs on the topic. The former idol responded by saying, “I don’t believe in marriage. I’m really happy with myself. I want to spend my money the way I want to.” Yes Yeonwoo, we love an independent queen!


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Coming in 3rd on our list is solo artist, HA:TFELT. The former idol member is another female star who doesn’t believe in the concept of marriage. On a variety program, she shared, “I don’t want to change who I am for the sake of meeting someone for marriage. I heard that you’ll have a happy marriage if you find someone that you get along with. I’m not good at finding good people.” She hilariously compared the situation to the lottery. “The probability of that happening is similar to the probability of winning the lottery.” She concluded her thoughts by revealing why she has no desires for marriage. “I still have so much I want to do and I want to focus on myself.”

4. Sunny (Girls’ Generation)

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We have another girl group member on our list and this time, it’s Sunny from Girls’ Generation. Back in 2015, Sunny shared her thoughts on marriage when she was a fixed member of SBS‘s Roommate“I don’t think marriage is something people have to do.” She further shared with her cast mates that she doesn’t really believe in the concept. “I don’t really believe in marriage.” The Girls’ Generation member made a guest appearance on a show recently and it was here that she showed consistency in her character by standing firm on the comments she made 6 years ago. “I haven’t had a reason to change my opinion on marriage. I’m not clever enough or wise enough to get married.”

5. Luda (Cosmic Girls)

Cosmic Girls member, Luda is another girl group member who doesn’t want to get married. Previously, the idol shared that she is comfortable being single and actually prefers it that way. Luda is famously known for her different stance on marriage and all her fans are aware of the fact that the girl group member is content with her single-hood. When asked why she believed this about marriage, this is how the Cosmic Girls member responded. “It’s because there is no such thing as forever.” We love her honesty and blunt answer!

6. Model Jung Hyuk

Last, but not least is the one male star on the list. We have model and entertainer, Jung Hyuk at number 6 on our list. Back in 2019, the model revealed on a tvN variety program his very personal reason for not believing in marriage. He shared on the show that his parents’ divorce made him skeptical of the concept, thus making him give up on it. He honestly confessed, “I didn’t even realize it, but my parents’ divorce made me resentful and angry. I think that’s how I became celibate.”

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