10 Moments That Clearly Showed What Kind Of Person BTS Jungkook Really Is

This is what BTS Jungkook is like in real life.

Some haters have tried to defame BTS’s Jungkook’s personality, saying that he’s actually not a nice human being, and that everything you see on television of his amazingness is just a show.

In response, Korean netizens compiled a list of instances where Jungkook was an exemplary individual. Haters gonna hate but Jungkook’s going to keep on being his good old self.

1 Jungkook’s lyrics

Can someone who can write these lyrics be truly a bad person?

“I had nothing when I was 15. The world was big and I was small. But now I can’t even imagine: me, without a scent, empty.

I pray. Love you my brother. I have my hyungs. I know what it’s like to feel. I became myself.”

— Jungkook

2 That time Jungkook found a loose lightbulb on stage and decided to put it back in

3 Jungkook’s side-job as a helping hand for stagehands

4 This makeup artist’s memory of Jungkook

“I still remember. I used to work as a make up artist at this shop in Chungdam where BTS members went to.

One day it was super busy: it was a weekend and there were a lot of wedding customers. I was carrying heavy bags up and down the stairs when someone came over to help me, saying “I’ll help you carry that.” I was surprised and I said I’m alright. He was a customer and at the time there was a flu going around and he was wearing a mask. I just assumed he was customer.

Then once many customers left and it became a bit quiet, this idol came over and asked me, “Why did you say no when I can help ㅎㅎ,” and smiled. He went off get his make up done. He was good looking and his eyes were so pure-looking, and he didn’t have any of the celebrity-cockiness. […] I looked him up on my way home from work and it turned out that it was BTS’s Jungkook. They had just come out with “I Need You” and, since TVXQ, he was the first to make me interested in idols. I’ve been a fan of Jungkook ever since. He is so polite and responsible and I hope he’s always doing well.”

— Anonymous netizen

5 Jungkook the responsible Idol

“Other idols tend to just leave whatever they were snacking on or drinking on the floor. Jungkook came over to help me when I was going around with a plastic bag, picking up garbage off the floor.”

— @Shyshyshy9

6. Jungkook’s welfare depends on his hyungs’

“When Jungkook said for the first time that he was tired, he said that he’s tired when hyungs are tired. He said he’d be good if hyungs were good.”


7 Jungkook the protector of his fans

“Jungkook is so polite and awesome…… The first one shows how Jungkook turned the heater toward his fans, worried that they’d be cold. The next one shows him holding onto a fan’s chair because the fan had hurt his leg.”

— Anonymous Netizen


8 This memory of a former employee at a network

“I’m writing this because there is this controversy about BTS members’ personalities and I find it ridiculous. I was working as a stagehand, doing miscellaneous things for the network. You can’t say anything bad about BTS’s personalities. They are so nice. […] They are not too loud, not too quiet, they just seem to hang out among themselves. Once, I was passing by their waiting room when I heard them laughing like high school girls. They must’ve been playing some kind of a game. [..] Anyways I think they’re the nicest idols around.”

— Anonymous netizen

9 Jungkook is beloved by his hyungs — would they love someone who’s not nice?

10 He always “folder-bows” — that 90 degrees bow

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