MOMOLAND’s Line Distribution Is Surprisingly Fair Based On 15 Of Their Songs

Despite all the scandals and member line-up changes, their line distributions aren’t that uneven.

MOMOLAND has had their share of scandals and problems over the years, not by the fault of any of the members, but it has led to changes in their member line-up after some left for various reasons. Despite this, however, their line distributions have been quite fair over their careers! While the individual songs listed below vary in evenness, the total line percentage that each member has had is quite even, except for the members that have left, which is understandable. Check them out!

1. “Jjan! Koong! Kwang!”

2. “Wonderful Love”

3. “Freeze”

4. “What Planet Are You From?”

5. “Bboom Bboom”

6. “Curious”

7. “Bingo Game”

8. “BAAM”

9. “Very Very”

10. “Only One You”

11. “Same Same”

12. “I’m So Hot”

13. “Pinky Love”

14. “Thumbs Up”

15. “Starry Night”