5 Times NCT Forgot To Tell Jaemin The Dress Code

“Let’s all wear white and not tell Jaemin!”

While the NCT members look undeniably awesome in matching outfits, sometimes Jaemin likes to march to the beat of his own drum. Here were five times he stood out from the lineup wearing something completely different to his fellow members.

1. “Work It” costume dance

Back in November last year, all the NCT U members showed up to the “Work It” costume relay dance in all-white outfits… except Jaemin, who was dressed in black from head to toe.

| NCT/YouTube

That said, it later turned out that the members had just finished shooting a Channel NCT DAILY clip in which Jaemin played Hades, so perhaps he was right on dress code after all.

| 채널 NCT DAILY/YouTube

2. “Hot Sauce” dance practice

Conversely, the opposite happened in NCT DREAM‘s recently uploaded “Hot Sauce” dance practice video. While the rest of the members were wearing all black, Jaemin showed up in a white t-shirt instead.


3. “7” live broadcast

And that wasn’t the only time Jaemin missed the all-black outfit memo. While his fellow members were wearing black from head to toe in this live broadcast from earlier this year, Jaemin was wearing a white t-shirt there too.


4. “Ridin'” live broadcast

Apparently, the members forgot to tell Jaemin they were all wearing light-wash jeans and black sneakers to this live broadcast for “Ridin'” back in April last year—he showed up wearing black pants and white shoes.


5. “Hot Sauce” press conference

Six of NCT Dream’s seven members looked suave and dapper in their black suit-and-tie styling at the “Hot Sauce” press conference last month. Jaemin, on the other hand, looked cool and edgy in a black silk shirt instead.

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