Need Advice? BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shares Tips For All Your Problems In New Interview

Follow Lisa’s lead to overcome these 6 life problems.

This February, BLACKPINK’s Lisa is gracing the cover of ELLE Korea with a solo feature! In her interview with the magazine, she gave readers some great tips for overcoming life’s problems. And even when she wasn’t trying to give guidance, the rest of her interview answers made great advice too! When your problems get you down, here are 6 ways you can channel Lisa to overcome it all.


1. Scared to dream big?

When ELLE Korea asked Lisa to share some advice with the fans who love her and trust in what she says, she decided to talk about how you should never let someone taint your dreams.

I dreamed of becoming a singer since I was young. In a way, I had a huge dream. Some people might say it’s unrealistic or silly. But you should dream big, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says. If there is something you want to do, don’t worry about what other people think, just trust yourself. It will be great if you get successful results, but even if you don’t, you won’t regret going through the whole process. It’s better than missing out and regretting how things could’ve gone.

— Lisa

2. Worried about a big upcoming event?

The interviewer also asked Lisa what advice helped her before debuting, and she shared the truth about what got her through it: Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé.

Rather than any specific advice, knowing I was not alone and being with the people beside me gave me the most strength. I talked a lot with my members, since they had the same dreams as me and went through the same things. Thanks to the members, I was able to carry on.

— Lisa

Lisa also talked about how her members still help her shake her worries about big events like concert stages.

When I’m nervous, I get energized by seeing my members. I was very nervous before going on stage at Coachella, but after we all said ‘Fighting!’ together, I was energized.

— Lisa

According to Lisa, surrounding yourself with people who bring you strength is the best way to get through a nerve-racking situation.


3. No idea what to wear?

Take a leaf out of Lisa’s book and embrace those nerves you get when you’re worried about whether you can pull off the next big trend.

There’s always new [fashion] coming out. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up, and sometimes I wonder whether I can pull it off. But I think that’s why it’s more fun.

— Lisa

4. Feeling the pressure of your reputation?

When the ELLE Korea interviewer told people they’d be meeting Lisa, everyone brought up her big international fanbase and fame in Thailand. That’s certainly a big reputation to keep up with.

But Lisa says all she focuses on is being happy about how many people love BLACKPINK.

Rather than ‘realizing [our] popularity’, I think it’s more like I’m ‘happy’ knowing many people like us.

— Lisa


5. Feeling sad or stressed?

Everyone gets down sometimes, even idols. Next time you feel sad or stressed about life, maybe you can take comfort in the same thing Lisa does: cats.

Cats really are my source of happiness. When my cat meows and acts cute, my stress just disappears completely.

— Lisa


6. Other people’s criticisms getting you down?

Last but not least, the interviewer asked Lisa what she does when other people look down on her or think negatively about her. After all, it’s not easy to ignore what other people think no matter how much you should.

But Lisa says it’s okay if not everyone likes you, and sometimes criticisms can actually help you improve as a person.

I don’t think everyone needs to love me. I care more about the good stories, but I also don’t completely ignore negative ones, because I can take those comments as advice about things I never realized before.

— Lisa

She finished up with a funny metaphor to explain her thoughts.

It’s just like when I thought I was eating quietly. It turned out I was actually eating very loudly, and the person next to me let me know I was eating like that.

— Lisa