Meet The Bad*ss Contestants Of Netflix’s Brutal New Reality Show, “Siren: Survive The Island”

One of the contestants is familiar to “Physical: 100” viewers.

Netflix‘s newest Korean variety show, Siren: Survive the Island, has started airing, and fans are in awe of how bad*ss the female contestants are.

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The show feels like a more brutal version of the hit series Physical: 100, which also featured 23 tough female contestants. But the difference between Physical: 100 and Siren: Survive the Island is that the latter only has female contestants, who are living on an island and working in teams, divided by their real-life jobs, to “survive” the island.

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Fans love how tough and strong the contestants are, and you can get to know all 24 contestants here.

1. Team Athlete

Four of South Korea’s top female athletes have made up Team Athlete, where their “bodies are their weapons.

“ATHLETE: Workout fanatics” and “: The weight of the national flag” | Netflix

Kim Hee Jeong

Kim Hee Jeong is serving as the leader of Team Athlete but for her job, she is a national kabaddi player.

In addition to her athletic prowess, Kim Hee Jeong also models.

And regularly updates her fans about her daily life.

Kim Seong Yeon

Kim Seong Yeon is a former national judo competitor whose accolades are so impressive that her fellow contestants instantly recognized her when she arrived on the island.

Although she recently retired after 23 years of competing, she is maintaining her athleticism and serving as a leader for other judo competitors.

Kim Min Sun

Kim Min Sun is a sport climber who boasts astounding upper body strength.

In addition to updating fans about her impressive climbs…

Kim Min Su also regularly posts about her daily life.

Kim Eun Byeol

Kim Eun Byeol is a competitive ssireum wrestler.

She regularly updates fans about her intense ways of staying in top physical shape…

And about her daily life.

2. Team Guard

Four female bodyguards comprise Team Guard, and they believe that their edge in the competition relies on how no one “can beat the mental strength of bodyguards.”

“GUARD: Those who live to die” and “: Acute observation” | Netflix

Lee Soo Ryun

Lee Soo Ryun is the leader of Team Guard, and in her professional career she “was the first female bodyguard to work in the Presidential Security Service.” She has protected President Roh Moo Hyun, President Lee Myung Bak, and President Park Geun Hye.

In addition to sharing some of her past photos, Lee Soo Ryun updates fans about her gym workouts…

Her acting career…

And her modeling work.

Lee Eun Jin

Although not much information is known about Lee Eun Jin, she shared one of her intense experiences working as a bodyguard.

I sat across from a serial killer who was under trial. I stared into their eyes to let them know that I’m stronger than them.

— Lee Eun Jin

Lee Eun Jin | Netflix

Hwang Soo Hyun

There is also not a lot of information about Hwang Soo Hyun, except that the bodyguard is extremely confident in her skills and the skills of her team.

I can beat them.

— Hwang Soo Hyun


Hwang Soo Hyun | Netflix

Lee Ji Hyun

Lee Ji Hyun is a bodyguard who “[protects] everyone who comes to the court.” She is also not particularly active on her social media, but the bodyguard does give fans updates about both her workouts…

And daily life.

3. Team Firefighter

Team Firefighter comprises four firefighters who believe they’re at an advantage not only for their mental and physical fortitude, but since “It’s second nature for [them] to react quickly to a siren.

“FIREFIGHTER: Witnesses of hell” and “: Unrelenting mentality” | Netflix

Kim Hyun A

Kim Hyun A is the leader of Team Firefighter, and although not much is known about the firefighter other than her incredible dedication to doing her best for her team, even in the face of an injury, during the show…

Kim Hyun A | Netflix

She has only updated her Instagram once, in 2017, with a meme referencing Busker Busker‘s hit song “Cherry Blossom Ending.”

Jeong Min Seon

Similarly, not much is known about Jeong Min Seon outside of the show, as her Instagram account is private. However, she continually proves her bravery and mental and physical strength in the show as she takes on tough challenges without hesitating.

Jeong Min Seon | Netflix

Kim Ji Hye

In addition to her work as a firefighter, Kim Ji Hye has competed in bodybuilding competitions.

And updates her Instagram account with her intensive gym workouts…

And daily life.

Lim Hyun Ji

Firefighter Lim Hyun Ji updates her social media account regularly to show off her daily life.

Including some beautiful pictures from her recent wedding.

4. Team Police

The four members of Team Police feel confident in their ability to “survive,” given not only their fitness but all their experience being on long-term stakeouts where they usually “try not to eat,” proving their ability to endure anything.

“POLICE: The sleepless” and “: Tenacious stakeout” | Netflix

Kim Hye Ri

Kim Hye Ri is the leader of Team Police and while she understandably doesn’t post much about her work as a detective, she does post pictures from her modeling gigs where she shows off her impressive physique.


Dew may work as a police officer…

But to stay in shape, she works out at the gym and golfs…

And does martial arts.

She has also participated in and won a fitness competition.

And Dew also updates her social media with pictures of her modeling.

Seo Jeong Ha

Seo Jeong Ha does not regularly update her social media account, but she has shared some of her adventures with fans…

And even posted her first body profile, showing off her astounding physique.

Kim Hae Young

Police officer Kim Hae Youngused to be a wrestler” who even won a martial arts recruitment competition, proving her incredible fitness.

Kim Hae Young | Netflix
| Netflix

Like her fellow police officers, Kim Hae Young doesn’t post much about her work on her personal Instagram, but she does update with pictures of her daily life.

And her adorable dogs.

5. Team Soldier

Team Soldier comprises four soldiers in “Korea’s top 0.01%,” whose survival skills, like their familiarity with working at night, align perfectly with this show.

“SOLDIER: Those who must survive” and “: Every day is war” | Netflix

Kim Bom Eun

Kim Bom Eun is the leader of Team Soldier, “specialized in firearms,” and during her service she “was in the airborne unit,” which involved infiltrating enemies to “gather intel.”

She regularly updates her social media account with her daily life.

Kang Eun Mi

Kang Eun Mi is a familiar face to Netflix’s Physical: 100 viewers. On the show, Kang Eun Mi proved her impressive strength and fortitude, just as she is doing on Siren: Survive the Island.

Kang Eun Mi on “Physical: 100” | Netflix

In the military, Kang Eun Mi serves in the Special Warfare Command, which gives her experience in harsh terrain and dealing with wild animals.

And on her social media, she continually updates about her love for sports such as soccer, baseball, and motocross.

Lee Hyun Seon

Lee Hyun Seonserved the 707th Special Mission Group” as part of the Counter-Terrorism Team.

Lee Hyun Seon regularly updates her social media with her intensive workouts in the gym…

And moments from her daily life.

Kim Na Eun

Kim Na Eun served in the Special Warfare Command like Kang Eun Mi, making her incredibly familiar with surviving in the wilderness.

She does not update her Instagram account much, but she has trained in martial arts…

And shared small snippets of her daily life.

6. Team Stunt

Although Team Stunt was seen as the underdog by the other five teams, the four stunt women quickly explained that few people understand the demanding realities of their job, meaning everyone underestimates their physical and mental strength.

“STUNT: The fearless” and “: Endless transformation” | Netflix

Kim Kyung Gae

Kim Kyung Gae is the leader of Team Stunt. Although not much is known about the stunt woman, she is fearless in the show, showing off her past work of getting hit by a car, crashing through a window, and filming an intense wire stunt.

Kim Kyung Gae | Netflix
| Netflix

Lee Seo Young

There is also not much information about Lee Seo Young, but the talented stunt woman admits that when she’s working, “[she doesn’t] feel nervous at all.” And regarding facing the other teams, Lee Seo Young shared that she’s acted as a judo athlete, bodyguard, and soldier, so the other teams shouldn’t underestimate them.

Lee Seo Young | Netflix

Jo Hye Kyung

In addition to Jo Hye Kyung‘s astounding stunt work…

She regularly uploads content from her daily life to her Instagram account.

Ha Seul Gi

Ha Seul Gi‘s impressive work as a stunt woman includes her role as a zombie in All Of Us Are Dead.

She updates her Instagram account with both her work…

And her daily life.

Including beautiful pictures of her recent marriage.

You can read more about Siren: Survive the Island here.

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