Netizens Compare Female Idols With The Most “Perfect” Proportions

It’s all about the slim and toned body look.

1.  AOA Seolhyun


Her toned arms combined with her pretty leg lines make her worthy of the “perfect body” title.

2. Hyomin

Without an inch of flab in sight, Hyomin’s mannequin-like body was also included in the list.

3. Nana

Nana’s been included in several perfect body lists, thanks to her toned legs and slim body. OP says she’s an exact example of a body without flab.

4. Jeon Somi

Shaped and perfected by pilates, Somi’s body is definitely one to be jealous of! Even in skinny jeans and a hoodie, you can tell she’s got unreal proportions.

5. f(x) Krystal

Krystal is widely known for he X-line body, having the perfect hip-waist ratio!

Source: 1boon