Netizens Vote For The Top 14 Stars They Want To See Throw The First Pitch In A Baseball Game

Can you guess who #1 is?

A recent poll ranked the Korean celebrities netizens want to see start a baseball game by throwing the first pitch. Read on to see the stars that caught their attention!

14. Jiho (OH MY GIRL) — 33 Votes

Jiho‘s princess-like visuals would be the perfect start to a baseball game.

13. Joy (Red Velvet) — 64 Votes

Known as Red Velvet’s sexy dynamite, Joy‘s appearance would certainly get any crowd hyped up.

12. Shownu (MONSTA X) — 135 Votes

Netizens hope Shownu can put his muscle to the test and make the first pitch.

11. Zico — 191 Votes

Zico might not be the first person who comes to mind when you think of a pitcher, but that’s exactly what would make anyone want to see him do it!

10. Kim Ho Joong — 294 Votes

Kim Ho Joong has a beautiful voice, but how are his pitching skills?

9. Jisoo (BLACKPINK) — 360 Votes

Jisoo‘s contagious smile would make the entire crowd light up.

8. Jiheon (fromis_9) — 1,292 Votes

Jiheon‘s fresh and cute image make her the perfect choice to throw the first pitch.

7. Sana (TWICE) — 2,149 Votes

Some people might go to the baseball game just to see Sana!

6. Park Jihoon — 2,343 Votes

Just imagine Jihoon throwing a pitch and winking on the big screen.

5. Ha Sungwoon — 6,395 Votes

As an all-rounder idol, Sungwoon would have no problem nailing a great first pitch.

4. Suga (BTS) — 8,090 Votes

Suga has basketball skills, but how is his baseball technique?

3. Park Woojin (AB6IX) — 9,630 Votes

Woojin‘s strength would help him throw a powerful pitch.

2. Jin (BTS) — 20,092 Votes

Who’s a better choice than Mr. Worldwide Handsome himself?

1. Song Ga In — 80,205 Votes

Trot singer Song Ga In ranks first as the star netizens would love to see start the game!

| Song Ga In/Facebook
| Song Ga In/Facebook
Source: Naver