Netizens Vote Which Idol Collaborations They Want to See

Everyone wants these to happen!

Collaborations between idols happen once in a blue moon, meaning there are a lot of possible combinations the world has yet to see!

At the same time, there are also collaborations that many fans want to see that have yet to be shown! Here are some collaborations between idols that many are waiting for as voted by Korean netizens!

1. BLACKPINK’s Rosé and IU

A collaboration between BLACKPINK‘s main vocalist, Rosé and singing legend, IU is a combination that will definitely be a memorable one! Their powerful vocals coming together is surely something the world needs!

2. EXO’s Chen and Yoon Mirae

EXO‘s Chen collaborating with Yoon Mirae will surely be an awesome one, and will be something anyone can enjoy!

3. BTS’s Jungkook and Kim Jaewhan

A collaboration between people who have beautiful voices is exactly what a collaboration between BTS‘s Jungkook and Kim Jaewhan will be if it happens!

4. SEVENTEEN’s Dokyeom and INFINITE’s Sungkyu

SEVENTEEN‘s DK and INFINTE‘s Sungkyu collaborating will be one of the best blessings that the world can receive! Many people will surely love the talent that they can show!

Source: Instiz