Here Are 7 New Releases From K-Pop Solo Artists That You Need To Listen To Right Now

Some of our favs have made their solo debut while others are making their comeback.

2021 has been crazy and it’s only the end of March! All of our favorite K-Pop artists have been busy at work, releasing new music. Recently, some of our favs have even made their solo debut while other artists are making their comeback. It’s a lot to keep up with so here are 7 new solo songs that you can’t miss.

1. “LILAC” – IU

IU has recently released the music video for the first title track off her new album LILAC. The song has a retro vibe that is reminiscent of the 70s and 80s and was composed by IU.

2. “LMLY” – Jackson Wang

“LMLY” (also known as “Leave Me Loving You”) is a fun 80s synth-pop track. Its music video follows Jackson’s previous release of “Pretty Please,” staying in the theme of 90s Hong Kong Chinese cinema. Jackson has been super busy as he not only worked as a writer and producer on the song but he also wrote the music video’s script and served as a director.

3. “On The Ground” – Rosé

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé has made her solo debut and we’re so here for it! While released just last week, the EDM-inspired pop song is already breaking tons of records. The music video itself broke a record for most views in 24 hours for a female K-Pop soloist.

4. “RUN” – Sorn

Our TikTok Queen, CLC‘s Sorn has finally made her solo debut! Her song “RUN” was released earlier this week and is very different from what we have come to expect from CLC. She showcases her individuality with this acoustic-pop track that’s both uplifting and perfect for spring!

5. “Coin” – IU

The second title track from IU’s new album is “Coin,” which shows a new side to her than we’ve ever seen before. She even raps! It continues with a retro concept just as “LILAC” had and has a very funky sound as it contains brass elements.

6. “Dark Clouds” – Taeyong

Recently, NCT‘s Taeyong opened a SoundCloud account and released his new solo song, “Dark Clouds.” A deeply personal song, he wrote the lyrics and co-composed it with producer Royal Dive. While his previous release “Long Flight” was uplifting, “Dark Clouds” touches on a more sensitive topic of struggling to stay positive amidst the darkness.

7. “What Type of X” – Jessi

Rapper Jessi has released her latest song “What Type of X” and it delivers a message of women empowerment. It was originally written for Refund Sisters, but they ended up going with “Don’t Touch Me” instead. Ultimately, PSY encouraged her to release “What Type of X” as her own title track.

Source: BLACKPINK, 1theK and Jackson Wang