NU’EST Has The BEST Line Distributions In Their Songs, Here’s Proof

We stan a talented and fair group!

One of the biggest issues in K-Pop is the “unfair” line distribution of many groups. Typically, the member who produces the songs gets the most lines…but not for boy group NU’EST.

As the main vocalist and member who composes many of their songs, people would expect Baekho to have the most parts, but pie charts of their line distributions show otherwise. Check them out below!

1. I’m In Trouble

This pie chart looks like a perfectly cut pizza! The members’ line distribution varies only by a small percentage, with the lowest being 18.4% and the highest being 21.8%.

2. Love Paint

This time, Baekho and Minhyun had the most lines, followed closely by JR, Ren, and Aron.

3. Sleep Talking

For the song “Sleep Talking”, Minhyun and Baekho had around the same number of lines, followed by Aron, Ren, and JR.

4. Overcome

Baekho and Minhyun shared the exact same number of lines in the song “Overcome”, with Ren, Aron, and JR following closely behind.

5. Good Bye Bye

Finally, for the song “Good Bye Bye”, Baekho had the most lines, followed by Minhyun, Ren, JR, and Aron.

All things considered, NU’EST truly has a fair distribution of lines in their songs. In an industry where it is usually only one member who gets the most parts, it’s refreshing to see a group with nearly equal line distributions!

Source: Tumblr and Nate