8 Times NU’EST’s Reality Was Completely Different From Expectation

Either way, they are still adorable.

NU’EST is known for their handsome visuals and charming looks. But what happens when we compare their on stage personas to their true selves?

1. Sleeping

In their 2020 Seasons Greetings photo shoot, they are elegantly posed all together on a bed.

In reality, however, the boys sleep together like a heap of puppies. They are still sprawled across a bed, but something feels a little different this time.

2. First Impressions

No one can forget NU’EST’s intimidating entrance on Produce 101 Season 2Baekho‘s built physique and stoic facial expressions scared the other trainees, leading to a slew of hilarious memes and reaction gifs.

In reality, everyone soon learned how sweet NU’EST really is. From their cuteness, to the way they care for their teammates, they are really just a bunch of teddy bears.

3. Stage Presence

On stage, NU’EST appears unbelievably chic. One might think they are careful of their image at all times and constantly present an elegant and stylish persona to their fans, known as L.O.Λ.E.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. NU’EST is constantly goofing around and showing their quirky side which makes their fans laugh until their sides hurt. (Ironically enough, JR‘s lack of expression might be the funniest one of all).

4. Jackets

Minhyun gives smoldering looks in his black puffer jacket for GQ Korea. In front of the camera, his charming aura can’t be denied.

In reality, Minhyun smiles like a happy baby in his raincoat. Off camera, he giggles cutely in a changing room before practice. Are we sure he’s in his twenties?

5. Aegyo

Baekho’s masculine expressions may lead others to believe he would never be caught dead doing cute fanservice. He must be a very serious and cold guy, right?

Wrong. Baekho can easily pull off the cutest expressions! From finger hearts to puffy cheeks, there is nothing this boy can’t do.

6. Snakes

During a photo shoot, the members were pictured in a tropical background with a Python draped around their shoulders and necks. Ren looks calm, cool, and collected as he poses.

In reality, the madness that ensued was hysterical. Check Aron‘s expression as the snake crosses over his chest!

7. Skincare

Minhyun looks like a prince modeling a clay mask for Innisfree.

Ren, however, showed the realities of using skincare products at home.

8. Outfits

NU’EST appear as fashionistas, rocking badass outfits consisting of matching royal purple silk shirts.

However, they arguably look their best in colorful animal onesies!