Here’s What NU’EST’s MBTI Personality Types Reveal About Their Ideal Romantic Matches

Do you sound like their ideal types?

NU’EST has recently taken the Meyers-Briggs MBTI Personality Test and here’s what their results have to say about their personalities and their ideal romantic partners.

1. Minhyun — ESFJ “The Consul”

As an ESFJ, Minhyun is a sympathetic and cooperative person who thrives off of social relationships, which could include his fellow NU’EST members, family, friends, and more.

The ESFJ matches best with ISFP or INFP. Since they take relationships very seriously and are very giving to their partner, Minhyun would work well with someone who is equally as sensitive to the feelings of others.

2. JR — ISFJ “The Defender”

JR, as an ISFJ, is a supportive and reliable person, making him a great choice as a responsible leader for NU’EST.

Matching with the ESFP or ESFP, “Defenders” enjoy taking care of people and take a while to open up completely. He would match best with a partner who can show reciprocating feelings of appreciation.

3. Ren — INFJ “The Advocate”

The rarest of all personality types, INFJ’s are the perfect blend of people who dream big and people who do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. As an idol, Ren displays those qualities to make it in such a competitive industry.

The INFJ matches well with ENTP or ENFP. They crave deep, authentic relationships and would rather not waste time with flings. “Advocates” can easily tell when someone is being disingenuine so a transparent and loyal partner would be Ren’s ideal match.

4. Baekho — ENFP “The Campaigner”

People with the ENFP personality type are curious and energetic, often unafraid to step out of their comfort zones for personal growth. Baekho shows this through his ability to rise to any challenge.

He would match best with INTJ or INFJ. They are typically adventurous in relationships and would want to show their partner much about life, so they should expect to learn all about Baekho’s life as an idol.

5. Aron — ISFP “The Adventurer”

As an ISFP, Aron has many sides to his personality and doesn’t like to feel confined by a singular definition. Because of this, ISFPs are creative and spontaneous.

ISFPs match best with ESFJ or ENFJ. Since they can be a little mysterious, they can be harder to get to truly know. They will need a partner who would be willing to take the time and get to know them while also giving them space to be their authentic selves.