Numerology Analysis Reveals What BTS’s Birthdays Say About Their Life Paths

In numerology, Life Path numbers reveal your personality and greater purpose.

In numerology—the belief that we all have a connection to numbers—your Life Path number is a little like your star sign. Calculated by adding up birthday digits until you get a single number, Life Path numbers reveal your personality and greater purpose in life. Here’s what BTS’s birthdays say about their Life Paths in numerology—do you think the readings are accurate?

Jin – Life Path 1: The Natural Leader

People whose Life Path is 1 tend to be confident, creative, and original. As a Life Path 1, Jin is a strong leader and trailblazer. He has a strong sense of independence and prefers not to rely on other people.

Jin is unafraid to take risks and likes to do things his own way, which often leads to him coming up with innovative solutions.

Suga – Life Path 7: The Seeker

People whose Life Path is one tend to be experts in their fields and value independence. As a Life Path 7, Suga is always looking for answers to life’s questions, big and small.

His journey in life is based on seeking understanding of his inner self, which is why he can spend long amounts of time in his own headspace. Suga is sensitive, but he also shies away from tough or unexpected emotions.

J-Hope – Life Path 7: The Seeker

Like Suga, J-Hope’s Life Path is also 7. Another trait Life Path 7s share is that they feel like they’re on a different wavelength to others.

Bright, intelligent, and intense, many Life Path 7s love discovering and exploring the world, even if they don’t fit into it precisely.

RM – Life Path 8: The Powerhouse

People whose Life Path is 8 tend to be success-driven workaholics. As a Life Path 8, RM’s purpose in life is to make an impact on the world around him. Using his drive, ambition, and wealth, he’ll master the art of success.

Reaching goals is the most important thing to RM, and he’d prefer to be an authority himself rather than answer to the authorities around him.

Jimin – Life Path 11: The Healer

People whose Life Path is 11 tend to be sensitive, and coincidence seems to follow them everywhere. As a Life Path 11, Jimin has a high sense of intuition.

Sensitive to other people’s troubles, Jimin’s best path in life is to try to heal people through his art, words, or creativity. A wide range of intense experiences, such as those that arise as an idol, help him grow faster and help others more.

V – Life Path 3: The Creative

People whose Life Path is 3 tend to be deeply artistic and naturally oriented to a life in the spotlight. As a Life Path 3, V is great at creating beautiful art and music. It’s one of the most popular Life Paths in the entertainment industry.

V does best when he ignores the haters and uses his creative outlet to keep him driven. As an extroverted 3, he’s great at showing off his talent and loves being in front of fans.

Jungkook – Life Path 9: The Humanitarian

People whose Life Path is 9 are idealists and tend to focus on the bigger picture. As a Life Path 9, Jungkook’s dream is for a better world. He’s has a utopian spirit and is willing to sacrifice time, money, and energy to make life better for everyone.

Jungkook is compassionate and naturally attracts all types of people without prejudice. He’s also imaginative and can see how to create harmony from natural beauty.