Here Are 6 Of OH MY GIRL Binnie’s Secretly Heart-Fluttering Moments

#3 though. 😍

OH MY GIRL‘s Binnie has a secret side of her that only observant fans notice. Behind the scenes, the way she looks out for her members and takes care of them is super heart-fluttering! Check out 6 of her dreamiest moments that will leave you no choice but to fall for her.

1. Opening things like it’s no big deal

Girl-crush Binnie will open your water bottle and throw the cap in the air like it’s nothing.

Regardless of where they are…

…Binnie takes care of everyone!

2. Even the smallest things are somehow romantic

What’s even more heart-fluttering is the fact that she says, “Tell me if it hurts, okay?”

3. She hands Hyojung a tissue…

…and shields her as she cries. How sweet!

4. Handing off the eye drops to YooA

Only Binnie could ooze charisma doing something so simple!

5. Offering to change seats when YooA’s seat was uncomfortable

Binnie is girl-crush goals!

6. Back hugs anywhere, any time

We all need a Binnie in our lives.