Here Are 5+ OST Covers From Male K-Pop Idols You Need To Hear

Have you heard these beautiful covers?

K-Dramas are taking over with fans from across the world as they fall in love with their storylines, characters, and unique charms. In particular, one of the unique things about these dramas is the original soundtracks (OST). They not only add to the story but allow fans to become immersed in the characters lives.

It isn’t just K-Drama fans who have fallen in love with OSTs. Various idols also showcase their respect and love by covering the tracks and putting their own spin on them. Here is a look at 5+ OST covers by male K-Pop idols that you need to hear!

1. ATEEZ’s Jongho – “Here I Am Again” (Crash Landing On You)

With his powerful vocals, ATEEZ’s Jongho added his own soulful twist to the classing Crash Landing On You OST “Here I Am Again.” Originally sung by Baek Yerin, the track is synonymous with the famous drama, adding even more emotion to an already touching story of star-crossed lovers.

2. BTS’s Jungkook – “Beautiful” (Goblin)

In 2017, BTS’s Jungkook treated fans to a short rendition of Crush‘s song “Beautiful” from the K-Drama Goblin. Jungkook added his own stamp on the classic OST with his more raw and rocky voice while keeping the song’s fundamental emotions and beauty, which made it so successful.

3. ASTRO’s MJ – “So Long” (Hotel Del Luna)

ASTRO’s MJ has one of the most unique voices in K-Pop, allowing him to showcase diversity when he sings. MJ easily showcased his vocal ability when covering Paul Kim‘s “So Long” from Hotel Del Luna. MJ’s vocal talent and storytelling were allowed to shine with this beautiful song against a simple backdrop.

4. ONEUS’s Leedo – “Start Again” (Itaewon Class)

K-Pop fans who have watched ONEUS perform might recognize Leedo for his deep, rapping voice. However, many ONEUS fans know that there is an immense duality to his voice shown in his cover of the Itaewon Class OST “Start Again” by Gaho. Unlike other OSTs, this song embodies youth and optimism, which Leedo portrays perfectly.

5. PENTAGON’s Jinho – “IF IT WAS YOU” (Another Miss Oh)

Through his MAGAZINE HO series, PENTAGON’s Jinho treated fans to several covers of famous Korean and Western tracks. One that particularly stood out was his cover of  “IF IT WAS YOU” from Another Miss Oh. With the softness of his vocals and passion in his voice, Jinho gave fans a snippet of emotion seen in the drama.

6. EXO’s Chen, Baekhyun And D.O. – “Paradise” (Boys Over Flowers)

One of the most iconic K-Dramas has to be the classic 2009 series Boys Over Flowers. EXO is also one of the most iconic K-Pop groups, and combining those together was bound to create magic. In 2013, Chen, Baekhyun, and D.O. covered “Paradise,” showcasing their vocal talents that suited the song so well.

7. Eric Nam – “Beautiful” (Goblin)

Eric Nam has one of the most soothing voices that seems to fit with so many OSTs perfectly. In particular, his cover of “Beautiful” was touching, proving just why so many idols love to cover this track. From the simple set and beautiful backdrop, Eric’s meaningful voice was allowed to shine, capturing the song’s emotions.

Source: FI and FI