8 Reasons Why Park Bom Is The Queen Of Legs

She invented legs.

Park Bom has always been known for her long, lean legs that are brighter than our futures. Whether at the airport or on stage, her mini skirts and short shorts are always iconic. Here is a look back on the times when her legs themselves were the statement pieces of her outfit, and she left fans in awe of her grace and beauty.

1. The Leg Stroke

Nobody can forget Bom flaunting her legs during “I Don’t Care” on stage as part of 2NE1.


2. Airport Fashion

Bom always makes the airport her runway with her legs as the main event.

3. Tights

Bom loves experimenting with different kinds of tights and leggings, and we’re here for it.

4. Bathtub Scene

In the Japanese “I Don’t Care” music video, Bom takes a bubble bath in full makeup with her leg exposed.

5. Leg Workout

Perhaps the move that put her on the map for legs, her legendary workout move to achieve her slim and toned silhouette.

6. Crossed Legs

Sitting with her legs crossed over like a princess, her legs are still hypnotizing to us.

7. “Spring”

Bom’s white high low dress she wore on stage while performing “Spring” showed her off in an elegant and royal way.


8. Quirky Bom

Even when she is being her typical goofball self, her legs are still something to marvel at!