The 3 Craziest “Penthouse 2” Scenes With The Highest Viewership Ratings So Far

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This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

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Just as it did in its highly-watched first season, Penthouse 2 has viewers expecting the unexpected at every turn. These three twisty scenes were so intriguing, they recorded the highest viewership ratings of the season so far.

3. Episode 5 – Joo Seok Kyung vs Cheon Seo Jin

Episode 5 of Penthouse 2 opened with Joo Seok Kyung (played by Han Ji Hyun) confronting Cheon Seo Jin (played by Kim So Yeon) about one of the craziest moments from the first season: Cheon Seo Jin’s father’s death. Of course, with the upper hand against Cheon Seo Jin, Joo Seok Kyung wasn’t about to let her position go to waste.

The scene where Joo Seok Kyung presents the video of Cheon Seo Jin left her father to die alone and blackmails the Cheong A High School director into giving her the Arts Festival grand prize recorded a staggering 26.5% rating.

2. Episode 8 – Joo Dan Tae vs Na Ae Gyo

As if Shim Su Ryeon actress Lee Ji Ah returning as Na Ae Gyo wasn’t shocking enough, the new character already has everyone on the edge of their seats. In episode 8 of Penthouse 2, Na Ae Gyo found herself in a dangerous confrontation with Chairman Joo Dan Tae (played by Um Ki Joon). After he pointed a gun at Na Ae Gyo’s head, a struggle ensued which saw Joo Dan Tae hit his head and start bleeding.


As in the first season, the blood triggered a traumatic memory for Joo Dan Tae, who promptly began choking Na Ae Gyo—until Logan Lee (played by Park Eun Seok) showed up to save her. The scene recorded ratings of 26.8%.


1. Episode 6 – Na Ae Gyo’s introduction

And, unsurprisingly, the Penthouse 2 scene with the highest viewership rating so far is the scene where Na Ae Gyo appears for the first time. Just like viewers, even Joo Dan Tae was shocked by her first appearance and her physical appearance. The difference between Na Ae Gyo and Shim Su Ryeon’s mannerisms, however, couldn’t be further apart—a true testament to Lee Ji Ah’s acting skills.

This scene reached a rating of 27.9%, but watch out—the Penthouse 2 production team says episode 9 is sure to bring an even more dramatic twist.

Source: Kukmin Ilbo