These Were The Most Popular Songs In Korea For All Of 2017

Koreans loved these songs in 2017.

2017 was filled with great music from a variety of genres, including dance tracks, ballads, and classic coffee shop tunes.

Here are the most popular songs of 2017, showcasing longevity on the charts and widespread public support.


WINNER‘s first release of the year was also their most popular, ranking #10 in Gaon‘s overall Digital chart. They carried that momentum through to their 2nd single album release of the year Our Twenty For, and capped off a successful 2017 with a Digital Bonsang at the 32nd Golden Disc Awards.

#9 in Downloads – 1,632,127
#11 in Streaming – 100,280,059

9. Akdong Musician – “Last Goodbye”

Akdong Musician released their 2nd full album Winter right at the beginning of the year and the album’s title track ranked #9 overall. Showcasing Akdong Musician’s trademark sound, “Last Goodbye” became a big hit. Akdong Musician ended the year with a Digital Bonsang at the 32nd Golden Disc Awards, but unfortunately only Lee Suhyun could attend as her brother Lee Chanhyuk is currently serving in the Marines.

#5 in Downloads – 1,806,453
#12 in Streaming – 100,177,120


TWICE was very busy this year, releasing 4 albums as well as debuting in Japan. Their first album of the year, Twicecoaster: Lane 2 contained their most successful song of the year in “KNOCK KNOCK”. TWICE finished their busy 2017 by winning 2017 MAMA‘s Song of the Year Daesang with “Signal” and being invited to the prestigious NHK Kōhaku Uta Gassen.

#10 in Downloads – 1,627,915
#10 in Streaming – 102,591,893

7. IU – “Palette (Feat. G-Dragon)

This collaboration between 2 of Korea’s most popular solo artists definitely lived up to the names behind it. IU and G-Dragon even built up a great friendship through this, guesting at each other’s concerts multiple times. “Palette” won a triple crown on SBS Inkigayo and 10 music show awards in total.

#4 in Downloads – 1,817,177
#7 in Streaming – 107,192,331

6. Bolbbalgan4 – “Tell Me You Love Me”

Bolbbalgan4 proved their sudden rise to popularity with the resurgence of “Galaxy” in 2016 was not a fluke with their hit “Tell Me You Love Me”. The group went on to release their 2nd mini-album Red Diary Page.1 in September and immediately topped charts with that album as well. Bolbbalgan4 finished off a stellar 2017 with a Digital Bonsang from the 32nd Golden Disc Awards and 2017 MAMA’s Best Vocal Performance – Group Award.

#7 in Downloads – 1,777,488
#4 in Streaming – 126,805,220

5. Heize – “You, Clouds, Rain” (Feat. Shin Yong Jae)

Coming off a strong 2016, Heize built off that performance, topping charts with 2 different songs from the same album. “You, Clouds, Rain” was a special release, as Heize chose to release it on the first rainy day after her 3rd mini-album /// came out. This song ended up ranking #1 for over 30 days, perfectly matching the mood and weather of Korea in July and early-August.

#8 in Downloads – 1,725,668
#6 in Streaming – 114,410,407

4. Ed Sheeran – “Shape of You”

The only non-Korean in the Top 10, Ed Sheeran‘s song “Shape of You” took Korea by storm in 2017. Covers of the song by DAY6, The Eastlight, Gray, Sam Kim, Produce 101, and more showed just how popular the song was in Korea this year. Unfortunately, Ed Sheeran “sunbaenim” had to cancel his Korean concert due to a broken wrist and elbow suffered in a cycling accident.

#3 in Downloads – 1,936,653
#5 in Streaming – 121,677,428

3. Yoon Jong Shin – “Like It”

The year’s representative in “chart re-risers”, “Like It” wasn’t even ranked within the top 100 when it was released. Shortly after, many Koreans realized the lyrics of a male realizing his ex-girlfriend has moved on to someone else really resonated with them (and many females too, switching the genders around) and the song shot up to #1, giving Yoon Jong Shin his first #1 song in 21 years.

#6 in Downloads – 1,780,037
#3 in Streaming – 131,261,033

2. IU – “Through the Night”

IU’s biggest hit of the year was actually her first pre-release track from her album Palette. With lyrics entirely written by IU, this song won the Digital Daesang for Song of the Year at the 32nd Golden Disc Awards and the album Palette won Album of the Year Daesang at the 2017 Melon Music Awards.

#2 in Downloads – 2,181,372
#2 in Streaming – 134,048,681

1. Ailee – “I Will Go To You Like The First Snow”

Indisputably the most popular song in Korea in 2017, Ailee’s Goblin OST took Korea by storm during it’s release, and never let go. Shattering records for most downloaded and most streamed song of the year, “I Will Go To You Like The First Snow” cemented itself as one of winter’s top songs for many years to come. Ailee also won every Best OST award the song was nominated for.

#1 in Downloads – 2,488,341
#1 in Streaming – 171,231,816