Red Velvet Re-Imagined As Pokemon… Seriously!

There’s even a slight resemblance! 😊

There’s nothing like the power of imagination. We’ve re-imagined Red Velvet as toilet paper (this was at the height of toilet paper-induced panic when the precious paper was nowhere to be found), different K-Pop groups as Nintendo Switches, and even BTS as Animal Crossing characters! But what about pokémon, you ask? Well, you’re absolutely right — we haven’t done that… yet!

Red Velvet

So, what if the women of Red Velvet were pokémon? Which one would they be? Would they be first-gen? Second? Shinies? Let’s investigate!

1. Irene as Pikachu

As the leader of Red Velvet, it just makes sense that Irene would be Pikachu, arguably one of the most popular pokémon in the series.

We know, that seems pretty basic when there are so many incredible pokémon to choose from, but you can’t deny that Irene and Pikachu are both charmers with bad b*tch vibes!

Source: NME

2. Seulgi as Bewear

How wrong would it have been for us to choose a non-bear pokémon for Seulgi? Super wrong, that’s what!

While there are so many adorable bear pokémon, Bewear definitely stands out because of his cute bear headband.

Source: Bulbapedia

3. Yeri as Pancham

Yeri is the precious maknae of the group, and even though she’s older now, she still exudes a youthful, playful vibe.

Like Yeri, Pancham is a smol Bebe who looks up to its senior(s). In Pancham’s case, it’s his evolved version, Pangoro!

Source: Bulbapedia

4. Wendy as Wobbuffet

Wendy is light-hearted with a sharp sense of humor.

Wobbuffet is certainly one of the cutest, funniest looking pokémon and his comedic timing is truly *chef’s kiss*.


5. Joy as Buneary

Joy lives up to her name and is, well, joyful!

You know who else is totally joyful? Buneary! You can even kind of see a resemblance! 😊

Source: Bulbapedia

What do you think? Which pokémon would you have “re-imagined” Red Velvet as?

Red Velvet