Here Are All Of Red Velvet Wendy’s Accomplishments In 2019

Its been a really big year for Wendy!

Red Velvet‘s Wendy is such an accomplished artist!

She’s the whole package—one of the current K-Pop generation’s best vocalists, she has numerous solos and collaborations to her name! She’s also known for her immense intellect, kind personality and seriously gorgeous visuals! So, in celebration of all of her accomplishments, here are 8 of her achievements in the year 2019!


1) She Got A Hot Hair Cut, And Trended Online For Months

In 2019, Wendy began the year by showing up with a hot new haircut, that made her gorgeous visuals stand out even more!


In fact, fans loved her with short hair so much that she became a hot topic and trended on online forums for months!


2) Created An Instagram Account

This year, all the members of Red Velvet opened their individual Instagram accounts! While Yeri, Joy and Seulgi opened theirs with relative ease, Irene and Wendy took a bit more time to open theirs. But fans were ecstatic when they finally had accounts, despite  their previous difficulties and reservations regarding social media.


3) Finally Returned To Her Home Country Of Canada 7 Years Later As A Successful Performer

Red Velvet concluded their first U.S. and Canada tour this year!

In February, Red Velvet embarked on the North American leg of their REDMARE tour, and also performed in Wendy’s home city of Toronto! Along with making Red Velvet the first K-Pop girl group to hold a North American tour in 3 years, this concert in Canada also marked Wendy’s first return to the country in 7 years— and she returned as a successful member of a much-beloved girl group!


4) Selected As The No.1 Sexy Brain Idol By TMI News

In October of this year, Wendy was selected as the No.1 sexy-brain idol by TMI News! Taking into consideration her impressive academic record and involvement in both sports as well as arts, its no wonder that she was recognized as the ultimate beauty-with-brains idol of K-Pop!


5) She Won The “Asia-Pacific Gold Song Of The Year” As A Soloist, And Hasn’t Even Made Her Official Solo Debut!

Again in October of this year, Wendy managed yet another great achievement!

At the Annual Fresh Asia Music Awards 2019, Wendy managed to pull ahead of some of the biggest solo names in K-Pop (such as IU, Chen, and more) and took home the award for the “Asia-Pacific Gold Song of The Year” with her solo OST “What If Love” from the drama Touch Your Heart!


This feat is especially remarkable as Wendy has not even officially debuted as a soloist, and shows the sheer power of her vocal abilities!


6) Dyed Her Hair A Platinum Blonde—She Bleached Her Hair 4 Times To Achieve The Color!

Wendy gave thirsty fans a treat by upgrading her hair to a gorgeous platinum blonde this year—and it suits her so much!


Her hairstylist further revealed that Wendy bleached her hair a total of 4 times to achieve the white-blonde color, showing how determined she is to her career as an idol!


7) Appeared On “King of Masked Singer” For The First Time

In another appreciation point of her formidable talent as a vocalist, Wendy appeared on King Of Masked Singer as the “Green Witch” in November of this year! Even though she had the whole disguise working for her, it all came to nothing because as soon as she took the stage to sing, the audience immediately placed her as Red Velvet’s main vocalist, Wendy!


She managed to advance to the semi-finals of the show, where she was unfortunately eliminated, but this marks an important appearance for her with regards to her solo promotions.


8) Received Her First Song-Writing Credits For Collaboration Song, “Close To Me”

In April of this year, ReVeluvs were in for a treat as Red Velvet was revealed to have collaborated with Ellie Goulding and Diplo for a remix of the track “Close To Me”.


The remix featured Ellie Goulding’s original English verses, and also featured Red Velvet’s Korean verses. The lyrics of the Korean verses were credited to Yeri and Wendy, marking Wendy’s first official credits as a songwriter!


9) All Her Group Success With Red Velvet

Red Velvet this year decided to end the decade by making a trilogy comeback, called the ReVe Festival series. The members worked extra hard this year on all 3 of the comebacks, and recently became the only girl group to snag #1 spots on the U.S. iTunes Album Chart 3 times in one year!


Wendy was recently involved in a serious stage accident during rehearsals for the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejun. She will be on hiatus for a while in order to recover from her injuries.

Red Velvet also made a comeback with their third and final album of the year, The ReVe Festival: Finale and accompanying title track, “Psycho”.

We wish you a full and speedy recovery, Wendy!

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