Here are the sexy dancers who will be joining Eric Nam on his North America tour

Eric will be joined by some world-class dancers!

Eric Nam will be holding his Honestly 2018 North American Tour, and he won’t be doing it alone.

Eric will be joined by an amazing crew of dancers, including four world-class dancers, many of which have done World of Dance and are leaders of their own dance crews.

With so much talent together on stage, Eric Nam’s 2018 North American tour definitely can’t be missed!

Michael Esteban

Michael Esteban was on America’s Best Dance Crew Season 4 (FR3SH), and also America’s Got Talent (as a hired dancer, not contestant). He was on the first tour with Eric in 2017 (and fans loved him!).



Pauler Lam

Pauler Lam was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. He has danced for Ariana Grande (“No Tears Left to Cry music video and the Billboard Music Awards 2018) and also was a solo dance performer on the Ellen Degeneres Show.



Paul Ross

Paul Ross has taught workshops in over 20 countries and danced for artists like Beyonce, the Black Eyed Peas, and performed on national TV shows and commercials. He is also a member of the world-renowned Choreo Cookies.



Tristan Edpao

Tristan Edpao is a professional dancer/choreographer who has been on tour with Grammy nominated artist Kehlani. Additionally, he has danced for many Vietnamese singers and competed on America’s Got Talent. Tristan also develops up and coming artists, choreographs for music videos, and teaches numerous workshops around the world. 



Watch the latest promotional video for Eric Nam’s tour:

Eric Nam