10+ Sexiest Photoshoots Of “Single’s Inferno” Contestant And K-Pop Backup Dancer Cha Hyun Seung That You Have To See

IDK if it’s the deserted island or him, but it’s hot.

If you thought new contestant Cha Hyun Seong on Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno was hot already… Well, you’ve not seen anything yet.

Cha Hyun Seung on “Single’s Inferno.” | Netflix

Not only is he a talented backup dancer for all our favorite K-Pop idols and groups (Sunmi, Stray Kids, GOT7BTOB, EXO, and Girls’ Generation, to name just a few)…

He’s also a model. This should come as no surprise, considering his charming smile and godly physique.

So, we have compiled a list of 10+ of his sexiest photoshoots…

1. The perfect date

We’re going to start things off with one of his first shoots but also one of his hottest…

For this photoshoot, he took us from the beach…

…to the bedroom.

This photoshoot was for his body profile shots, done by Studio AAVEC.

2. Merman

Underwater photographer Lee Nak Won (@naiad_paradise on Instagram) captured Hyun Seung underwater for this photoshoot.

The model even shared some very cool behind-the-scenes shots.

He literally looks magical…

Poseidon who?

3. Denim On Denim

We have some other ideas about what Hyun Seung could be on.

4. Studio Vinyl

The viral photo studio Studio Vinyl captured these phenomenal shots…

And, we just want to say thank you.

Calvin Klein, please put this man in all your ads.

We beg you.

This is literally a god.

Levi’s, hire him too while you’re at it.

Who else makes denim look this good?


You probably recognize this photoshoot.

His chemistry with Sunmi as her viral backup dancer has helped them build a great relationship on and off stage.

It’s no wonder so many fans have speculated that they’ve been dating.

They have been working together since her solo debut, after all.

Still, nothing has ever been confirmed by these two, but we can’t deny their chemistry is electric.

For that, this BUCKAROO photoshoot will remain iconic forever.


6. Men’s Health

No one deserves to be featured in Men’s Health more than this man, to be honest.

It’s time for him to grace the cover.


He shared some behind-the-scenes shots before revealing…

These sexy shots to advertise the BBYB bags.

8. Visual King

He did another underwater shoot.

This time, it was for an underwater rental studio Soodam Studio.

How are we still thirsty with all this water?

He looks like royalty with these visuals.

9. Body Profile

He showcased his hard work in an intimate setting for his recent body profile shots.

Where else but the bedroom?

He proved that he really doesn’t ever need to wear a shirt.

10. Pilates S

He could almost convince me to go to Pilates.

Like, with him, it can’t be boring, right?

11. Boyfriend Vibes

If you’ve somehow made it this far without falling in love…

We’re going to change that with another body profile photoshoot.

This shoot features Hyun Seung in paradise, basically foreshadowing his Single’s Inferno casting.

His sun-kissed skin is so radiant.

This Bali concept is hotter than the sun itself.

And the boyfriend vibes are immaculate.

We definitely like our coffee like we like our men.

12. MAG & JINA 

This photoshoot for MAG & JINA is something else…

They literally had him undress with a huge smile on his face. RIP us.

Are we even alive at this point?

13. CEO

A photoshoot on a yacht?

Rich CEO energy.

14. Dance the night away

When the dancers are all this hot, how could we not?

15. Black & White

Hyun Seung is still hot, even in a classic headshot, dressed in a turtleneck.

He manages to make everything look sexy.

Yeah, you can drive us home.

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