15+ Photos Of SM Entertainment Artists That Will Make You Believe They Perfected Cloning

SM Entertainment has had a scientific breakthrough.

It’s no secret that SM Entertainment has a few visual preferences when it comes to their idols. Throughout the years, fans have noticed that many of the idols under SM Entertainment look shockingly alike. Whether it’s their aura, facial features, or something else, many netizens have wondered if SM has somehow perfected the art of cloning. While each idol is of course, incredibly stunning and unique, these pictures will seriously make you wonder if the company has reached a scientific breakthrough.


1. This head-scratching mashup of EXO’s Suho and Red Velvet’s Irene

We never really thought they looked alike until someone created this mashup!


2. This who’s who with SHINee’s Taemin and Super Junior’s Heechul


3. The moment you realize HOT’s Jang Woohyuk looks just like Super Junior’s Eunhyuk


4. This mirror image of Super Junior’s Siwon and Kangta


5. Or this epic showdown with Kangta, Siwon, and Suho


6. The moment when you realized “who wore it better” doesn’t really apply with JYJ’s Jaejoong and NCT’s Taeyong


7. When this picture made you say, “Huh, I guess Yesung and Ten do look alike.”


8. This photo of Taeyeon and Taeyeon…umm…I mean Irene!


9. Or maybe this combination of Irene and Taeyeon

Irene and Taeyeon are true doppelgangers. Even the members of Girls’ Generation got the two confused looking at old photos!


10. This surprising photo of SHINee’s Minho and NCT’s Lucas


11. Or how about Donghae with his mini-me Jeno?


12. The moment when you think Girls’ Generation’s Sunny and NCT’s Johnny could totally be siblings


13. When Taemin was a dead-ringer for Heechul yet again

Image result for kim heechul and taemin


14. Or when you realize f(x)’s Luna and BoA have the exact same aura


15. This equally as surprising combination of Krystal and NCT Jaehyun’s faces


16. And when you think Taemin and NCT’s Jungwoo look alike…


17. Then get hit with this face mix!


18. The famous “Dino Line” photo that makes everyone think they are siblings

Amber, Donghae, and Jonghyun have been known to fool fans!


19. Or these side by sides of NCT’s Winwin and TVXQ’s Changmin