Fan Or Not, K-Netizens Name 10+ K-Pop Songs Everyone Can Sing Along To

Do you know the words?

Whether you’re a fan or not, these songs are so easy to sing along to that even non-fans know the words by heart. Selected by K-Netizens, here are the songs that everyone can belt out!

1. “Red Flavor” — Red Velvet

This addicting song has fresh and vibrant visuals and a catchy chorus that make it difficult to stay quiet.

2. “Bang Bang Bang” — Big Bang

Big Bang’s “Bang Bang Bang” has a slow and simple chorus coupled with a simple arm dance that basically everyone knows.

3. “Cheer Up” — TWICE

The song that helped propel TWICE to popularity is known for it’s bright and cheery sound and easy-to-follow chorus.

4. “Really Really” — Winner

When the chorus of “Really Really” hits, most people can’t help but do the point dance!

5. “Growl” — EXO

EXO’s “Growl” is well-known in Korea and has often been covered by various groups and trainees throughout the years.

6. “Me Gustas Tu” — GFRIEND

The song by GFRIEND won the hearts of millions and was an important milestone in their career.

7. “Love Scenario” — iKON

During its release, it was difficult to go anywhere in Korea without hearing “Love Scenario” playing!

8. “Into The New World” — Girls Generation

Whether you’re a hardcore Girls Generation fan or not, people everywhere sing along to this.

9. “Sorry Sorry” — Super Junior

“Sorry Sorry” has been covered so much throughout the years that even the younger generation knows all the words.

10. “Bar Bar Bar” — Crayon Pop

This song belongs in every “try not to sing along” challenge!

11. “Mr. Chu” — Apink

The point dance makes this song even more addicting.

12. “NoNoNo” — Apink

Netizens also voted “NoNoNo” by Apink as a song that everyone can sing along to.