18 Times Tablo Was The Coolest Guy On Instagram

So, so cool!

Tablo is probably best known for being a hip-hop rapper in Epik High who has written some pretty hard-hitting lyrics. But besides that, you might know Tablo for his record producing, writing, radio DJing, or being one of the best dads around. But if you ever doubted just how cool Tablo is, you just need to check out his Instagram feed to feel the true character of the rapper.


1. His feed is full of memorable moments


2. From bowling clips with his crew…


3. To sweet moments he’s shared with Haru!


4. Then there are the moments he’s relatable


5. Super, super relatable!


6. He isn’t afraid to share some fun stories like the time he fell in love with a capybara and got a sweet surprise because of it


7. Or the time he made some new feathered friends…sort of!


8. There are plenty of photos of Tablo being an all-around cool guy just getting ready to knock some socks off his fans


9. Then there are the posts that show what a great sense of humor he and his friends have!


10. He’s got lots of pictures with other big stars…


11. While also totally keeping it real with his fans!


12. You can find some amazingly aesthetic pictures on his page


13. As well as some super inspirational messages


14. There are many pictures that will make your heart feel all warm and fuzzy


15. And the next moment, you’ll be blown away by how amazing he is


16. No matter what kind of things you like to look at…


17. Tablo’s got you covered!


18. He’s sure to rock your world and make you believe that he really is the coolest guy!