If Fans Got A Penny For Every Time Idols Did These Things, They’d Be Rich

We’d all be swimming in money!

Besides their passion for the stage, there are some other things that fans have noticed K-Pop idols love to do. In fact, they do these things so often that if each fan got a single penny for every time they showed these habits, everyone would be rich! From special quirks by one particular idol to habits that numerous idols have, these things would make every fan rake in the cash if only we got money each time they did it!


1. Every time an idol imitates other another member

As a fan, how many times have you seen group members imitating each other?


It’s been way too many to count!


It can be anything from imitating the way they rap their lyrics…


To shadowing another member’s movements…


Or even echoing their company head! But if you received even a penny any time one of our idols imitated another idol then you would be rich!


2. The art of dabbing

Dabbing really became popular in 2015 and has been strong in the world of K-Pop ever since.


So many idols love to dab that at this point it would be surprising to find an idol who hasn’t dabbed!


It’s even been featured in a few different music videos!


Now if we could just get paid for every time they did it we could afford all that merch we’ve been saving for!


3. Playing rock, paper, scissors for everything

Rock, paper, scissors can settle any dispute…


Is the ultimate form of entertainment…


And the moment of truth for all punishments.


Every idol certainly loves this game and knows how to use it in every single situation! Too bad we can’t cash in on all those games!


4. Aegyo

Aegyo might be considered fan service but many idols look like they really love to do it!


And since you can see it in livestreams, behind the scenes videos, and during variety shows…


Just think about how many pennies you could have saved by now!


5. Saying “Let’s get it”

If you just counted all the times DAY6‘s Jae said “lezgetit” then you’d already have enough money to go to every concert you wanted to, but add in all the other idols who have also taken on this particular catchphrase and you’d be swimming in dough!


6. Anytime TWICE’s Dahyun finds a camera

ONCEs know Dahyun has one very special talent…


And that’s finding cameras!


Seriously how does she do it and is there a way to get some of that good fortune?


7. Whenever they turn into living memes

Memes and idols go hand and hand.


There are so many great memes out there featuring your favorite members.


And everyone can find something for every occasion! If only we all got some change to go along with them!


8. Any time BTS’s Jimin runs his hands through his hair

Jimin has an adorable habit of running his hands through his hair.


It always makes hearts flutter!


Although no one gets a single penny from it, it’s one moment that always sets hearts ablaze!


9. Whenever an idol fails to get a high-five or handshake

It doesn’t matter if it’s with a fan…


Or one of their fellow members…


For some reason, it happens a lot.


And many idols know the pain of having their high-five or handshake completely ignored.


10. When Wanna One’s Kang Daniel bursts into laughter

Kang Daniel is a pretty cheerful guy!


He’s almost always got a bright smile on his face.


And even if we don’t get any money when he breaks out in a smile or gets hit with a fit of giggles, at least it always makes us smile too!


11. Or when EXO’s Chanyeol does any of these when hit by a laugh attack

Speaking of idols with a bright and cheerful personalities, Chanyeol is another idol who’s smile can light up any room.


Not to mention how much he loves to laugh!


And it’s never just a simple laugh with Chanyeol. Whether it’s banging the table, clapping his hands, or something else…


Chanyeol’s always making us laugh right along with him!