7 Things You Might Have Missed In BTS’s “Dynamite” Music Videos

These tiny details are memorable yet easily missed.

BTS have now released two different music videos for their new song “Dynamite”: the official MV and a bloopers style “b-side” MV. Here are 7 small details that are easy to miss the first time around.

1. The “Make It Right” sign

A sign in the “Dynamite” MV references another upbeat BTS song, “Make It Right”.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube.com

It appears for a split second in the background while Suga is rapping at the basketball court.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube.com

2. Store 7

This store with “7” for BTS’s seven members appeared during Jimin‘s part.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube.com

It’s located right next door to Sweet Music.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube.com

3. The opening and closing times

Speaking of Sweet Music, did you notice the times? The store opens at 7:00 (seven for seven members).

The store closes just in time for BTS to take part in the 11:30 PM countdown to “Dynamite” MV’s midnight release on Youtube.

4. Abbey Road

Many famous musicians can be spotted on the walls of Jungkook’s bedroom set. One of the most prominent posters is for The Beatles‘ Abbey Road.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube.com 

Abbey Road is The Beatles’ eleventh studio album, released in 1969, aka the year before disco was born.

| Photographer: Iain Macmillan

Fans who aren’t familiar with Abbey Road are likely familiar with this similar concept photo. BTS took the photo for their Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt.2 album in 2015.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Facebook.com

5. Everyone losing it over Suga’s pelvic thrust

Clearly, BTS didn’t expect Suga to transform into Michael Jackson. They couldn’t handle it, and neither can fans!

6. RM jamming in the background

Nobody plays the air guitar quite like he does.

7. V and Jungkook jumping out of the frame

Is this a music video shoot or a play-date? The world may never know.