Here Are The Three X1 Members With Tattoos

Check out their tatts!

Fans have done their digging and found out that these three members of X1 have tattoos! Here they are:

1. Cho Seungyeon

Cho Seungyeon has flaunted his tatted body in the past, and he has quite a collection of them. To fan’s knowledge, he has at least six tattoos, but he could possibly have more.

The numbers on both of his arms are his parent’s birth years, while the smiling face and sad face represent what he was going through during UNIQ’s inactivity. He had to acknowledge that his smiling face and sad face are both his sides.

2. Lee Hangyul

People had their doubts about Hangyul‘s tattoos, but when the tattoo artists who inked him posted a photo of the two, it was undeniable! He has two tattoos on his back and it is unknown if he has more.

3. Han Seungwoo

Han Seungwoo has three tattoos fans know of. One is on his chest and two on his arm! The ones on his arm are very meaningful, as the lilac flowers were in celebration of his group VICTON‘s first anniversary, and the moon symbolizes the people who shine on him even when it’s dark.

Source: Pann