8 Times BTS Forgot To Tell J-Hope The Dress Code

Why blend in when you can stand out?

Why blend in when you can stand out? Here are 8 unforgettable times that J-Hope didn’t get the “dress to match BTS” memo.

1. Taking center stage

BTS showed up to a photo op in black and gray suit jackets, but J-Hope didn’t get the memo. Fans weren’t the only ones who noticed this. His outfit stood out so much that the photographers wanted him to stand in the middle of the group.

| Variety/Variety.com

Jungkook happily gave up his position as center and encouraged his bashful hyung to take his place.

2. When he dressed to match BTS’s interviewer instead of BTS

When BTS went on air with radio personality Syke, they wore all black with white accents. J-Hope, on the other hand, went for neutral tones, and so did Syke.

| @sykeonair/Twitter.com

3. No formal wear for the dance king

J-Hope got the color right this time, but his outfit is much more casual than his members’. Check out the shoes!

| @bts_twt/Twitter.com

4. Bring the fashion mishaps “ON”

All the BTS members wore light shirts, vests, and/or jackets for the “ON” MV, but J-Hope’s overshirt went to the dark side.

5. Vacation vibes on the red carpet

J-Hope showed up to the MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards in a colorful eye-catching shirt and a bucket hat. Meanwhile, his members opted for suits.

6. Close, but not quite

At first glance, J-Hope matches his members’ tan-and-white outfits, but his shirt is actually a very light pastel green. Whoops?

7. When he dressed to match the car

Dress shoes? Check. Suit? Check. Wait, what color was that suit suppose to be again? Gray, right? J-Hope stood out in this photo for Formula E, in the best possible way.

| Formula E/fiaformulae.com

8. New year, same J-Style

When BTS visited New York for New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, J-Hope wore plaid while his members wore solids.

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