These Are All The Times BTS’s V Has Shown He’s A True Capricorn Icon

He’s really the epitome of a Capricorn idol.

As Capricorn season is right around the corner, we’ve compiled a list of all the times BTS‘s V showed that he was a Capricorn through and through.

Scroll through the list to see all the times V showed the traits of a true Capricorn king!

1. Ambitious & hardworking

We all know V has many aspirations and with his hardworking attitude, there’s no telling what he won’t and can’t do!

From learning and playing instruments…







To co-writing his “Winter Bear” and directing the music video…


To practicing his song-writing capabilities…


To learning everything there is to learn before becoming a dog dad!

2. Dramatic & Extra AF

While V can come off so good looking that it’s intimidating, ARMYs and members alike have come to know and love his dramatic side!







3. Good judge of character

We all know V is the ultimate vibe check. The “Taehyung vibe check” refers to V’s ability to tell who’s a clout chaser vs. who’s genuinely excited to meet/work with BTS. ARMYs have put their full trust in V’s judgment.

4. Strong family connections

All the BTS members have always shown the ways they’re good sons, proving their parents proud despite their difficulties. But BTS’s V seems to mention his family and his desire to provide for his parents a lot.

His love for his grandparents especially his grandma is something that will make any ARMY tear up 🥺


5. Capricorn’s best friends//loyal (jhope weverse comment)

As an Earth sign, Capricorns usually get along best with other Earth signs.

Like Virgos (Jungkook & RM)






But that doesn’t stop them from being besties with everyone!



Can’t forget V’s loyal response to fans posting “bizarre” and “unusual” photos of other members to Weverse.

Please protect our hyung. I won’t be replying to the ARMYs who upload bizarre photos.

—V, Weverse

V’s fierce loyalty, and hardworking and ambitious attitude makes him the perfect example of a true Capricorn! Check out what else the boys have been up to below.

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