13 Times We Didn’t Know WTF BTS Was Doing But Loved It Anyway

These funny moments will make your day 200% better.

BTS is always chaotic, and some (most?) of their funny moments scream, “WTF?”.

Here are just 13 of them!

1. I know the answer! No, I don’t. Yes, I do! No, I don’t…

During “Carpool Karaoke” with James Corden, Jungkook kept himself from raising his hand. Why? Only he knows.

2. What’s a little nibble between friends?

We might never know why suddenly decided to bite Jungkook, but we do know that this moment will live on the internet forever.

3. That time J-Hope poked V’s butt with a pen

A lot of absurdity happens on Run BTS!, but this might be one of the biggest WTF moments.

4. When Jin wiggled his way through a racing game

Jin is the kind of person who marches to the beat of his own drum, or in this case, wiggles to the zoom of his tiny motorcycle.

5. When Suga interrupted J-Hope’s rapping with nonstop smiling

This was 80% cute, 20% creepy, and 100% the best of Suga.

6. When J-Hope invented this unnecessary choreography for “Epiphany”

This sad solo song brings listeners to tears, but not J-Hope. Nope. He’s all about bringing sexy back. The question is: did Jin know about it?

7. That time Steve Aoki got caught in the middle of whatever this is

To the left, we have Suga listening to Uncle Steve like a straight A student. To the right, we have Jimin being himself.

8. When Suga suddenly gave up on everyone and everything

Why use your legs when the ground exists?

9. V’s robotic “I Like It” dance

V added some interesting dance moves to BTS’s FESTA performance.

10. When RM couldn’t figure out how to be part of this “heart”

On Weverse, a fan pointed out RM’s hilarious struggle to do normal things. In response, RM said, “Even with practice, there are some things that still don’t work.” Making giant hearts might be one of them!

11. When Jin forgot where his pockets are

He nearly zipped RJ into his fly, but that can happen to anyone…right?

12. This photo

One of these facial expressions doesn’t belong…

…Can you guess which one?

13. The slap-happy maknae

He protecc, he attacc, but most importantly he slap, slap, slap!