5 Times K-Pop Idols Proved Their Haters Totally Wrong

These idols: 1 Haters: 0

Many K-Pop idols have tons of fans; however, they, unfortunately, have tons of haters, too. Antis often hope that the idols they don’t like will fail, but plenty of K-Pop idols have triumphantly proven their haters wrong.

Here are 5 times K-Pop idols proved their haters wrong in the best ways!

1. When haters thought ITZY’s Ryujin would be a bad center

Ohh boy, antis were quick to hate ITZY when they debuted! Ryujin was the target of lots of hate on the internet, and haters said she was a bad center.

ITZY’s Ryujin | @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

During the “Wannabe” era, Ryujin totally proved all her haters wrong! While she was always a good center despite what her haters said, she exploded with charisma and stage presence in each and every “Wannabe” performance.

| M2/YouTube

To this day,  Ryujin is still getting better and better over time, and she keeps proving those early haters wrong!

| Mnet K-POP/YouTube

 2. When haters thought BTS peaked during the “DNA” era

Haters keep saying BTS has reached their peak, and the group keeps proving them wrong! The “DNA” era was so successful, that antis thought the group would never be able to top it.

BTS | @bts.bighitofficial/YouTube

As we all know, BTS keeps getting bigger and bigger with each release! Since “DNA,” they’ve sold out stadiums within minutes, won heaps of awards in Korea and abroad, been nominated for 2 Grammys, topped the Billboard charts and added millions of ARMYs to their fanbase. We think it’s safe to say we have yet to see BTS reach their peak!


 3. When haters thought aespa would be SM Entertainment’s “flop” girl group

Haters expected aespa to fail, and the group keeps proving their haters wrong! SM Entertainment has given us lots of iconic girl groups over the years, like S.E.S., Girls’ Generation, f(x), and Red Velvet. Antis thought aespa would never live up to the legacy their senior groups had set before them.

aespa | @aespa_official/Instagram

Sorry to aespa’s haters, but the group was dubbed “monster rookies” almost immediately after their debut and they definitely didn’t flop! Since then, they’ve topped the charts with “Next Level” and “Savage,” won a triple crown at Inkigayo and become one of four girl groups to win a grand prize at the Melon Music Awards. Aespa has only been around for just over a year, so they have plenty of time to achieve even more!

| MBCkpop/YouTube

 4. When haters said TWICE isn’t relevant anymore

Whew, haters love to say groups are past their prime! TWICE has been a top girl group since their debut, but antis said they peaked during the massively successful “More & More” era. During this era, the group would 563,000 copies of the More & More mini album.

TWICE | @twicetagram/Instagram

Antis kept saying TWICE would never top the “More & More” era, but they surpassed their album sales record with their latest release, Formula of Love: O+T=<3. This album sold 700,000 units in the pre-order period alone, and it proved that people love TWICE more than ever!

| SBS KPOP/YouTube

 5. When haters said BLACKPINK Lisa’s solo debut would flop

Haters predicted that Lisa’s solo debut would do terribly, and she definitely proved them wrong! Lisa’s highly anticipated solo debut had antis keeping eyes on her just as much as BLINKs, and her haters were sure that her first solo release would be an absolute disaster.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Lisa’s single album, LALISA, topped the iTunes Top Song Chart in 72 countries, and she became the fastest K-Pop solo artist and K-Pop female act to surpass 300 million streams on Spotify with “MONEY.” “MONEY” wasn’t even the title track, so it’s wild that Lisa set this record with “MONEY.” Clearly, Lisa’s solo debut was far from a flop!

| The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube


Source: Reddit