TOP 10 Sexiest Female Idol Outfits Of The Month

These idols turn up the heat in their sexy new stage outfits!

1. Sonamoo‘s Nahyun

Nahyun shows off her dark side in her silky crop-top and high-waisted black shorts.


Little details, like the shorts’ criss-crossing laces bring a sexy, Gothic feeling to Nahyun’s overall look.


2. Cosmic GirlsEunseo

Eunseo’s pink stage outfit combines military aesthetics with classic feminity.


Her peek-a-boo garters are subtle enough to be flirty and hot enough to drive fans crazy!


3. Cosmic Girls‘ Luda 

Luda’s black jacket shines with star-like specks, tranforming her into a cosmic goddess.


The combination of stark black and white compliments her silver hair perfectly.


4. CLC‘s Yeeun  

Get your fans ready, because Yeeun’s leather and satin outfit is bringing the heat!


The sharp, unflourished cut of Yeeun’s blouse and shorts make her look fiercer than ever.


5. Red Velvet‘s Joy

Joy’s versatile beauty makes it easy for her to look feminine and sexy, even in a suit!


6. Lovelyz‘s Mijoo

Mijoo looks both sophisticated and daring in this red, plaid mini-shirt and skin-tight sweater.


Her fancy, gold earrings add just the right touch of glam.


7. CLC‘s Elkie

Elkie wears her white police uniform with absolute authority.


If Elkie was a real cop, fans would be committing crimes left and right, hoping to be arrested!


8. EXID‘s Jeonghwa

Nothing says “swag” like Jeonghwa’s hip-hop ensemble.


She pairs a casual crop-top and ripped denim shorts with a regally patterned blouse and gold accessories.


The result is a fresh, street-chic look!


9. TWICE‘s Momo 

Only someone as gorgeous as Momo could get away with pairing an athletic top with a plaid skirt.


Her outfit is both comfortable and stylish. Perfect for dancing on stage!


10. BLACKPINK‘s Jennie

On March 31, BLACKPINK’s fashionista showed off this hot black-and-plaid combo at The Tokyo Girls Collection, a semiannual fashion festival in Japan.


Her ruffled top is elegant, yet sexy.


A frayed hem and a gold buckle give Jennie’s schoolgirl skirt a punk vibe.

Source: Youtube