TOP 10 Sexiest Outfits Of GOT7’s Jinyoung

Jinyoung looks like a supermodel in everything from suits to jeans!

1. Dark Red Suit

Jinyoung transforms a dapper gentleman in this vintage, red suit. The pocket-watch adds an extra touch of class!


2. Ripped Sweater & Black Jeans

Jinyoung goes full punk in this edgy, black ensemble.


3. White Suit & Tie

Although Jinyoung rocks the punk look, his runway model visuals are ideal for this snazzy, white suit!


4. Red Jacket & Black Tie

Jinyoung turns up the heat in this fiery, red, buttoned jacket. His shirt’s leather collar and leather tie add a bold, sexy edge to this suit.


5.  Midnight Suit

Jinyoung becomes a handsome prince of the night in this ebony outfit.


6. Leather Jacket

Jinyoung pulls off the gentleman look with ease, but he can also rock this safety pinned biker jacket.


7. Black Suit & Sparkling Pants

Jinyoung looks glamorous in this creative mix of black textures…


…and he flares his coattails with pizazz!


8. Buttoned Black Blazer & Shiny Shirt

Jinyoung shows off his charisma in this heavily-buttoned, black jacket and sparkly, gray dress shirt.


9. White Sweater & Jeans

Jinyoung is both sexy and sweet in this soft, white sweater, and ripped jeans.


10. Red On Red Outfit

Jinyoung goes bold in his bright, matching shorts, T-shirt, and blazer.