TOP 10 Sexiest Outfits Of GOT7’s Mark

Mark struts his stuff in these ten sexy outfits.

1. Fringed Black Jacket

Mark is king of the stage in this gold-fringe black jacket and translucent gold shirt.


2. Mesh Shirt & Blazer

Is it hot in here, or is it just Mark? Maybe both? Mark is sizzling in this mesh shirt and black blazer.


3. Red Suit

Mark rocks this regal, bright red suit! The black and red complements his bright blonde hair beautifully.


4. Sparkled Shirt & Gloves

This outfit layers multiple black textures for a stylish, edgy look and, boy, does Mark pull it off!


5. No Shirt? No Problem!

Fans melted during Mark’s red-hot, shirtless performance. Who needs a shirt when you look this good in jeans?


6. Grafitti Leather Jacket & T-Shirt

Mark shows off his rockstar charms in this spray-paint inspired, street-chic outfit.


7. Sleeveless Tank

This athletic hoodie is perfect for flaunting Mark’s toned arms!


8. Red Military Jacket

Bow down, peasants! King Mark is taking the stage!


9. White & Black Suit

Mark is looking suaver than ever in this inverted, white and black take on the classic, black and white tuxedo.


10. Black & White Top

Mark mixes light and dark in this glimmering black top and white, long sleeved shirt.