These Were The Top 15 Best-Selling K-Pop Albums Of June 2020

There were a lot of great album releases last month!

The month of June 2020 was a good one for K-Pop, especially in terms of album sales! With several popular groups coming out with new releases, both comebacks and debut albums, the industry definitely saw a huge profit in the month. Here are the top 15 top-selling K-Pop albums from June!

15. WOODZ’s Equal

WOODZ’s 1st mini album didn’t come out until June 29, but it still managed to make 60k total sales before the month was over! The solo artist and UNIQ member’s title track from the album, “Love Me Harder”, has now over 10 million total views.

14. NCT 127’s Neo Zone: The Final Round Repackage (Kit)

This repackaged album kit came out all the way back on May 19, but even so, the popular group made an impressive 64.8k in sales in June!  “Kick It” has now reached over 60 million views on YouTube, and “Punch” is at 25 million!

13. N.Flying’s So, 通 

N.Flying’s 7th mini album came out on June 11, making a total of 68.8k sales in the month. This rock group’s title track from the album, “Oh really”, has nearly 10 million total views on YouTube.


Even though MONSTA X’s latest album, their first without former member Wonho, came out in late May, they still made a total of 69.1k sales in June! Their 8th mini album’s title track, “Fantasia”, has reached over 27 million views now.

11. Ha Sungwoon’s Twilight Zone

Ha Sungwoon’s 3rd mini album came out on June 8, and made 76.5k total album sales in the month, which is pretty good for a solo artist! The title track for this former Wanna One member and current HOTSHOT member, “Get Ready”, has about 6 million total views.

10. WAYV’s Awaken the World

Released on June 9, WAYV’s first studio album made 86.3k album sales in the month of June, which is a decent amount of sales for a Chinese-based group in the industry! The title track, “Turn Back Time”, has over 18 million views, with many fans swooning over the hot, grungy visuals in the music video.

9. AB6IX’s Vivid

Even though AB6IX’s album came out on June 29, they made an impressive 86.4k sales in just the last couple days of the month! And even though they unfortunately lost former member Youngmin before the comeback, their title track “The Answer” is also doing well, now at over 15 million views.

8. VICTON’s Mayday

VICTON seems to be doing really well these days, and rightfully so! The album, which came out on June 2, made 92.9k sales in the month. The title song, also called “Mayday”, currently has over 16 million views.

7. Cosmic Girls’ Neverland

Released on June 9, Cosmic Girls’ latest album made a total of 100.7k sales in the month of June, which is a decent amount for the rising girl group! The title track, “Butterfly”, has reached almost 20 million views since it came out.

6. Super Junior-KRY’s When We Were Us

This long-awaited comeback was highly anticipated by fans, since the KRY sub-unit of Super Junior hasn’t had a release since 2015, and it’s their first album! It was released on June 8, and reached 152.1k album sales in the month. The title song, with the same name as the album, has almost 3 million total views.

5. Stray Kids’ Go生

Released on June 17, Stray Kids’ first studio album was quite a hit for them, making 243.5k sold copies in the less than two weeks left of June after its release! “God’s Menu” has been praised by fans, and it now has a total of over 64 million total views on YouTube.

4. Baekhyun’s Delight

Even though Baekhyun’s solo album was released at the end of May, it saw several hundred thousand sales in June, reaching a total of 311.1k copies sold in the month. The EXO soloist’s album did really well for a K-Pop group member gone soloist, and the title track, “Candy”, has over 29 million views!

3. IZ*ONE’s Oneiric Diary 

Released on June 15, in just half of a month, IZ*ONE’s album sold 511.4k copies! The girl group has certainly been growing in popularity, with their gorgeous title song “Secret Story of the Swan” now at over 34 million views.


Of course a TWICE comeback will always be successful! This album, which came out on June 1, sold a total of 563.6k copies that month. Their comeback title, “MORE & MORE”, has now reached an incredible 141 million views in a little over a month!

1. SEVENTEEN’s Heng:garae

This album, released on June 23, has been a huge hit for SEVENTEEN, with 1.21 million copies sold! Whether it’s because they’re now under BigHit Entertainment or have just been continually gaining new fans, no one can doubt this group’s success. The title track, “Left & Right”, is up to over 45 million views on YouTube.