Here Are The Top 15 Most-Searched K-Pop Groups Of The First Half Of 2020

There are so many incredibly popular groups these days!

Google keeps track of people’s searches and collects the data in a way that gives each search a certain amount of points based on how much people are looking it up. K-Pop groups, of course, with their growing popularity, get a lot of people constantly searching for information on them, so it’s easy to look at Google’s statistics and see who is getting the most attention through searches! These are the top 15 most-searched K-Pop groups of the first half of 2020.

15. ITZY (9 points)

14. NCT (9.9 points)

13. GOT7 (10.1 points)

12. TXT (11.2 points)

11. Oh My Girl (14.2 points)

10. GFRIEND (17.5 points)

9. IZ*ONE (18.1 points)

8. (G)I-DLE (21.4 points)

7. MAMAMOO (24.5 points)

6. SEVENTEEN (27.6 points)

5. Red Velvet (31.3 points)

4. EXO (38.4 points)

3. TWICE (41.4 points)

2. BLACKPINK (55.4 points)

1. BTS (56.9 points)

Watch the entire year’s progress of idol group popularity here: