Top 3 Idols With The Most Gorgeous Double Eyelid Lines, According To A Plastic Surgeon

They’re all the visuals of their respective groups.

A YouTube channel by the name “PSPS” picked the idols he thought had the most gorgeous double eyelid lines. The channel is run by a plastic surgeon, so he gave a more in-depth answer on why he chose the selected idols. The plastic surgeon also notes that a lot of his choices are based on his personal preferences, so other people can have different opinions.

1. Minju (IZ*ONE)

Minju‘s double eyelid line allows her black eyes to be seen very well.

Even though the length of her eyes isn’t the ideal ratio, they match well with her overall facial features.

2. Yeonwoo (MOMOLAND)

The fat under Yeonwoo‘s eyes makes her have a youthful appearance. The other features of her eyes are well balanced, such as the eye length.

3. Yuna (ITZY)

Yuna has extremely large eyes, but it’s a bit overhanging. This allows her eyes to appear even larger. Yuna also has features that make her eyes look clear.

Here is the full video below!