Top 3 Male And Female Idol Groups That Have Had The Most Ads In The Seoul Subway

Have you seen any of these ads before?

Fans have found many different ways to show support to their favorite idol groups and one of the ways is by posting subway ads!

According to the city of Seoul, these are the top male and female idol groups that have had the most ads posted in the Seoul subway station!

Male Idol Groups

1. BTS (227)

2. EXO (165)

3. Wanna One (159)

Female Idol Groups

1. IZ*ONE (40)

2. TWICE and BLACKPINK (both 22)

For other non-celebrity subway ads, they mostly consisted of pro-gamers, musicals, musical actors, opera singers, citizens and even animation or book characters!

According to the report, the most popular spots for subway ads were places where young people and foreigners met up the most. These stations included Samsung, Gangnam, Hongdae, Hapjung, and others on line 2. Apgujeong station on line 3 and Myungdong station on line 4 were also popular spots.

Have you seen your favorite artists ad in the subway before aside from Seoul? Let us know in what other places you have seen K-Pop artists on advertisements!

Source: theqoo