Netflix Under Fire For Describing BTS As On “Hiatus” And Comparing It To One Direction And Destiny’s Child
Their description of ARMYs was also seen as disrespectful.
American Restaurant Chain Jack In The Box Is Obviously BTS’s J-Hope Biased More Than Ever Before
Could we get a “Hobi Meal?”
BTS’s V Forms The Cutest Friendship With His Bodyguard While In Paris For CELINE’s Fashion Week Show
V’s behavior showcases his true personality!
Netizens Catch An Adorable Interaction Between Park Bo Gum And BLACKPINK’s Lisa At CELINE’s Paris Fashion Show
They must be certified besties now!
Netizens Call Out aespa’s Giselle For Allegedly Mocking Desi Culture
They feel she hasn’t learned from her past mistakes.

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10+ References In “BTS Island: In The SEOM” Only ARMY Will Understand
The game was definitely made with ARMYs in mind!
SBS News Reports That The Private Jet Taken By BLACKPINK’s Lisa, BTS’s V and Park Bo Gum Has Been Provided By CELINE
Previously, it was claimed that Lisa had bought the plane.
BTS’s Jimin Reveals His Friendship Tattoo And Why He’s A Bit “Disappointed” To Post A Photo Of It
Jimin put a lot of thought into its location!
10+ ATINY Reactions To ATEEZ’s Cryptic Comeback Teaser That Are Too Relatable
“I just wanted to be a normal K-Pop fan and here I am…”
BTS’s RM Spills On His Plans To Open His Own Public Art Exhibition
He wants to share his personal collection.
NCT Is Turning Into A Group Of Actors As 4 Members Are Set To Star In Dramas And Movies In 2022
They’re debuting as romantic leads and even action stars!
ENHYPEN Fans Understandingly Upset After Discovering Explicit Content Created Of Youngest Member Ni-ki
He’s only 16.
Actor Nam Joo Hyuk’s Accuser Changes His Story After Being Sued
“The accuser has changed his words…”
Actress Kim Go Eun Showcases Her True Personality By Adopting Dog With Incurable Brain Conditions
She has been taking such good care of him!
Jessi Didn’t Know She Was Being Replaced By Sunmi On “Showterview,” But Her Reaction Showcases Her True Personality
She actually found out through a fan!
8 Times That K-Pop Group Members Showed Their Friendship Through Tattoos Or Permanent Accessories
We all want friendships like these ♥
BTS’s J-Hope Drops Even “MORE” Moody Concept Photos For Solo Album “Jack In The Box”
J-Hope is officially in his emo era!
Netizens Are Enraged After (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Is Repeatedly Hit In The Face With Water At 2022 WATERBOMB
“What if she tripped because she couldn’t see?…”
Actor Park Bo Gum Had The Most Relatable And Down-To-Earth Reaction After Meeting Eddie Redmayne
The cutest!
BTS’s V, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, And Park Bo Gum Shut Down All Fan Wars With Their Interactions At CELINE’s Paris Fashion Show
They symbolically stuck a middle finger up at those wanting to cause drama!
Park Bo Gum Proves To Be A True Gentleman Towards BLACKPINK’s Lisa At The CELINE Paris Fashion Show
Park Bo Gum proved his true personality to everyone he met!
ARMYs Express Anger At People’s Behavior Towards BTS’s V As He Left CELINE’s Paris Fashion Show
“They took advantage of V’s kindness!”
Netizens Feel Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Just Hinted That The Members Are Practicing For Their Upcoming Comeback
Read what YoonA and Yuri had to say!
BIBI Handles Wardrobe Malfunction At The Seoul 2022 WATERBOMB Festival Like The Boss She Is
She really almost became nakedbibi!