Try Not To Fangirl At Kang Daniel’s Top 20 Sexiest Moments Ever

WARNING: #3 may be too hot to handle.

Kang Daniel‘s personality is a ball of sunshine, but the sexy persona he gets on stage is completely different. From showing his abs to thrusting dance moves, can you handle these 20 ridiculously sexy Daniel moments?

1. Can you survive this list?

2. Daaamn, Daniel!

3. This thigh-caressing moment is legendary.

4. His eye contact is sexy.

5. Is this even legal?!

6. He looks incredible in white.

7. We get it: You can stroke your body and it makes fans go crazy.

8. The “Get Ugly” performance is ironically when Daniel got even hotter!

9. Then he was addicted to showing his abs. R.I.P Daniel stans.

10. He’s sooo intense.

11. Something about this choreography was seducing…and I liked it.

12. Beautiful.


14. BBoy skills!

15. Shirtless Daniel playing with kids? It’s official, I’m in love.

16. Don’t lie, you felt something.

17. He’s so boyfriend material.

18. His glare is hotter than the sun.

19. His body proportions are incredible!

20. He moves unlike any other.

Kang Daniel